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All USC Upstate phone numbers use area code"864" and the prefix "503" (i.e., 864-503-0000).

For questions regarding application and admission to the University.
Phone: 864-503-5246 | Fax: 864-503-5727 | E-mail Us

Dean of Students
For questions regarding student life, discipline, and related policies.
Phone: 864-503-5107 | Fax:864-503-5086 | E-mail Us 

Dining Services
For questions regarding the on-campus dining program.
Phone: 864-503-5900 | Fax: 864-503-3009 | E-mail Us

Disability Services
For questions concerning students with disabilities.
Phone: 864-503-5199 | Fax: 864-503-5358 | E-mail Us  

Financial Aid 
For questions regarding Financial Aid, including scholarships, grants, and loans.
Phone: 864-503-5340 | Fax: 864-503-5974 | E-mail Us  

Student Account Services
For questions concerning fee payment.
Phone: 864-503-5326 | Fax: 864-503-5334 | E-mail Us  

Health Services 
For questions concerning immunization and on-campus health services.
Phone: 864-503-5191 | Fax: 864-503-5099 | E-mail Us

For questions concerning residence halls.
Phone: 864-503-5422 | Fax: 864-503-5425 | E-mail Us

University Police and Parking
For questions regarding emergency assistance, campus safety, and parking issues.
Phone: 864-503-5777 | Fax: 864-503-5873 | E-mail Us

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Email Policy

Each USC Upstate student has a University assigned email address that is to be used for official University information and important announcements such as financial aid, registration and bill payment information. It is imperative that students begin regularly checking their University e-mail as this will serve as the official means of communication.

Please encourage your student to access and utilize his or her account. For more information about student email at USC Upstate, visit our student information and technology FAQ  webpage