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Attention Students: Time to Switch to Live@Edu

12- 15- 2008

Why is USC Upstate switching to Live@Edu?
Students are collaborating and sharing their worlds through the Web more and more. Microsoft Live@edu meets our students’ discerning communication needs by allowing them to easily connect, work and play online today while staying on top of the communications technologies of tomorrow. Before choosing Live@edu, we examined our students’ total communications needs and looked for a solution that would be security-enhanced and private, flexible, universally accessible, and available 24x7. We then polled our students and found that the majority were familiar with Microsoft applications. Most important, Live@edu had everything we wanted — blogging, instant messaging, a robust e-mail system and tools for work-sharing — the whole collaborative suite. 

One of the many improvements students will experience is a massive increase in e-mail and network file storage space.  Our current, in-house system limits students to a 50 MB e-mail inbox and 250 MB of network file storage. Live@Edu gives every student a 10 GB e-mail inbox and 10 GB of file storage via Skydrive. Students can share files through Skydrive and collaborate on them through Office Live Workspaces. Group projects suddenly got a lot easier! 

This is really all about our students. We’re excited that we chose Live@edu, a proven and practical way to provide Web-enabled communications and collaboration for everyone in our campus community. Full details, including instructional videos and demos, about all the new features of Live@Edu can be found at

When will Upstate Live@Edu launch?
How about right now? Incoming Freshman and Transfer student accounts are already created and active. Current students will have an active account by June 25. 

Who gets a Live@Edu account? 
All students! Current and incoming students will all receive a Live@Edu account. There are some changes in usernames and passwords, so be careful.  Student account usernames are now synced with USC usernames. These can be found in VIP under the Technology menu and the Network Username option there. This username makes up the first half of a Live@Edu e-mail address. The second half of the address is For example, if a student finds their USC username to be smithb, then their Live@Edu e-mail address is You must enter your entire e-mail address as the username to login.  Passwords are now set to the six-digit month, day, and year of the student’s birthday. So, if a student’s birthday is July 12, 1990, then their password is 071290.  

Where do you go to access Upstate Live@Edu? 
Live@Edu accounts can be accessed easily by logging into Alternatively, students can access individual features of their Live@Edu account by visiting any of the following: 

Skydrive –
Spaces – 
Office Workspace –
Live Mobile – 
Messenger – 

Any popular web browser will work with the Live@Edu suite, but to enjoy all the advanced features it has to offer, you must use Internet Explorer 7 or later.

What does this mean for current students’ old accounts? 
The old Upstate Outlook system and Home Directories will remain active through the Fall 2008 semester. After that time, all user accounts in these systems will be disabled. It is important for students with an existing Outlook account and Home Directory to migrate any e-mail and files they need to Live@Edu during the Fall semester. ITS will not transfer any e-mails or files from old accounts to the Live@Edu system. Click here for help with migrating to your new Live@Edu account.

For more information on Live@Edu, visit Information Technology's Web page on Everything You Need to Know About USC Upstate Live@Edu.