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Victim of Tornado, Car Crash Survives to Earn Degree

05- 05- 2009

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 Gary Glancy

Dianna DiazCinco de Mayo. For most Americans, it's a celebration of Mexican culture. For Dianna Diaz of Chesnee, it's become a symbol of life itself.

On May 5, 1989, when Diaz was 2 years old, she survived being buried alive in a mound of sand after a tornado obliterated her family's house on Shamrock Road. Twenty years to the day later, Diaz is graduating from the Mary Black School of Nursing at the University of South Carolina Upstate.

Early this school year, Diaz said, "I was looking at a planner and saw May 5th (as the date of USC Upstate's commencement ceremony), and I've been ecstatic ever since. I just think that's the neatest thing."

The fact Diaz will even be present tonight is nothing short of a miracle.