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Spartanburg Convention and Visitors Bureau Assists with The Un-Road Trip

05- 22- 2009

Spartanburg, S.C. - The Spartanburg Convention and Visitors Bureau is coordinating a stop in Spartanburg for Boaz Fankle’s UnRoad Trip across the United States.

The Un-Road Trip:
A TV/Video producer has set out on an Un-Road Trip, exploring the United States over a 10-week period, using every mode of transportation- except for gas powered car.  He is documenting the entire journey online through photos and short documentary videos as he travels by foot, bike, train, dog sled, biplane, kayak, moped, horseback, and whatever else he can think of.  His Web site is: 

He is coming in to Spartanburg today and will stay through Saturday.  His modes of transportation while in Spartanburg will be bike, solar powered lawn mower, train and hopefully a hydrogen powered car by ICAR.

He is appearing on The TODAY SHOW next Thursday, the 28th, so we have the opportunity to garner some national attention for Spartanburg.

For more information, contact Lauren Ponder at the Spartanburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, 864-594-5051, or