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USC Upstate Staff Member to Complete Mission Trip to Nicaragua

06- 03- 2009

Spartanburg, S.C. - After a year-long fundraising effort, Nancy Callicott and her daughter Erin, 15, together with seven other families, will depart Spartanburg for Nicaragua on June 13 for a one-week mission trip to Casa Mephibosheth Orphanage in León.

Nancy and Erin CallicottCallicott, a University of South Carolina Upstate administrative assistant, and Erin, a ninth-grader at Byrnes Freshman Academy, will travel with their group of 35 from Duncan First Baptist Church, led by their youth pastor Mark Pangel. The group will work in the orphanage, a ministry of Chosen Children’s Ministry based in Inman, S.C., leading backyard Bible camps, conducting Vacation Bible School, leading a baseball camp, and conducting a service every night. They will also deliver food, medicine and toiletries donated by Spartanburg area churches.

“I just love little kids,” says Callicott. “They can give me the babies and a rocking chair --  I’m ready!”

Preparations to take the trip began a year ago, says Callicott. Each participant had to raise $1,200, or $57,000 total, to cover the cost of airfare and lodging. She says they sold pumpkins, held craft fairs, sold lunches, and also received donations along the way from friends and family.

“The Lord has blessed our efforts immeasurably more! We are still trying to raise some money to purchase food in Nicaragua for the food bags we will be delivering to the families. He will bless these efforts too,” says Callicott.

The trip to Nicaragua will be the first trip out of the country for both, and the first time Erin has been on a plane. Both had to obtain passports, and update their shots. From Atlanta they fly to Managua, and take a bus to León. The orphanage is located in a poor rural area, says Callicott, where the average income is around $250 a year.

All participants were given a journal to write about their experiences while in Nicaragua. When they return they will complete a digital story about their trip.

“This will allow us to share our experiences collectively with our church and to raise money for future mission trips,” Callicott says.

“This is a trip of a lifetime for my 15-year-old daughter and I -- One that took a lot of prayer but we felt much conviction to go.”

For additional information, contact Nancy Callicott at (864) 503-5782 or by email