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IM&S Students Compete for a $1000 Cash Prize By Helping Recruit New Students To USC Upstate

09- 12- 2009

Spartanburg, S.C. - The Department of Informatics at the University of South Carolina Upstate is using students majoring in its Information Management and Systems (IM&S) program to tout the benefits of its curriculum to prospective students in a recruitment effort. The Viral Video Contest promises $1,000 as first prize, $500 as second prize, and $250 as third prize for the participants who produce a video clip best telling viewers why they should want to enroll at USC Upstate as an IM&S major.

Contest“This is a wonderful opportunity to give the students a real world feel for the competitive environment associated with producing advertising products in a free market economy,” said Dr. Richard Routh, a faculty member in the Department of Informatics. “The prize money motivates them to learn the lessons of going the extra mile to create superior competitive business solutions.”

The Viral Video Contest eligibility requirements include the following:

  • Entrants must be an IM&S student or currently enrolled in SIMS 345
  • Video clip can range from 30 seconds to 2½ minutes
  • Content cannot be defamatory to USC Upstate or the Department of Informatics; contain pornography or profanity; use copyrighted music; plagiarize someone else’s video; or contain fraudulent claims in the video or the links to the video

According to Routh, entrants should upload their videos to You Tube and then place a link to the video on their Facebook and/or MySpace accounts. Once the links are active, entrants should e-mail the link to Dr. Routh at (on or before midnight of October 31) and encourage friends to visit the You Tube site to drive up the number of views. However, entrants cannot use robots or other technology to inflate the number of views or inflate the views by one person clicking repeatedly on the link.

The number of views will be tallied on December 5 and a panel of faculty from the Department of Informatics will judge the videos. Fifty percent of the score will be based on content, creativity, quality of work, entertainment, originality, and the presentation of a positive image of IM&S and USC Upstate. The remaining 50 percent will be based on the number of views the video receives. Winners will be announced on December 15, 2009.

The bachelor of arts in information management & systems is the study of the application of information technology to some application domain - includes computer technology, information technology, business, management and communication. Information management is the study of how to design, manage, and utilize information processing technology. In today's business environment it is imperative that information technology professionals be versed not only in technical areas, but also in business and management theory. The role of the IT professional and how the IT professional interacts with the rest of the company is changing and the IM&S degree uniquely prepares professionals to excel in the modern business environment.

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