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Simon Sells Oil Painting To Benefit International Students At USC Upstate

09- 29- 2006

Spartanburg, S.C. – Growing up in Germany and now running a steel company based in Spartanburg, Harry Simon has a great appreciation of a strong work ethic, the value of higher education, and the opportunity to help someone less fortunate than you to make a better life for his or herself.

Simon is president and CEO of All Metals Service & Warehousing Inc., a leader in providing precision metal processing, environmentally controlled storage services and professional transportation to integrated and mini mills, service centers, trading companies and original equipment manufacturers.

Also an avid collector of 19th Century oil paintings, Simon has a collection of more than 100 paintings, mostly of German impressionists. He has devised a very creative way to help promising international students at the University of South Carolina Upstate who may be facing financial difficulties. Simon plans to sell one of his paintings to help raise funds to benefit the University’s international students who have financial needs.

“If I can help one young person create a better life, that’s all I need to do,” said Simon. “Many of the international students at USC Upstate are striving to better themselves through education and that impresses me.”

According to Dr. John Stockwell, chancellor of USC Upstate, Harry Simon’s motivations go beyond the usual reasons for investing in opportunity for a deserving student scholar.

“He is driven by the opportunity offered by the United States of America for accomplishment at the highest levels. Most importantly, he is proud of this country. And he is particularly proud of young people from other countries who recognize that opportunities for entrepreneurship at home may be slim, but who recognize the opportunities here, and make the difficult decisions to come here to study and build their lives and careers,” said Stockwell. “Harry is in the tradition of international investors who have been so important to the development of Upstate South Carolina, individuals who, like him, believe in the place, the people and themselves.”

The painting that Simons plans to sell is by artist Adolph Schweitzer and it depicts the Norway fjords. Schweitzer often spent summers in Norway where he was mesmerized by the way the natural light enhanced the waterways. The painting is valued at $2,500 and Simon is hoping that a fellow art lover will be interested in purchasing the painting.

“If not an art lover, who knows, we have such a large international community in Spartanburg that there may be a connection that is made that way,” said Simon. “The Upstate community, and indeed the international community, is certainly benefiting from well-rounded and educated professionals who are graduating from USC Upstate and entering the area’s workforce.”

Bids may be placed on the painting by contacting Simon’s executive assistant Cynthia Dietzen at (864) 574-8050 orcindydietzen@allmetals.com. Bids will be accepted until Friday, October 27.