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Web Registration Instructions

  1. Go to my.sc.edu. From the main my.sc.edu landing page, scroll down to Enrolled Students, then click on "Class registration and schedule" under the Fall 2013 information menu.
  2. You will be prompted to Enter your VIP ID and password. Click here for detailed instructions on setting your VIP ID and password, and for a printable instruction sheet.
  3. Select the Student menu, then Registration, and then Registration Status. (You can also see any holds you may have as well as your appointment time (time ticket).
  4. Select Registration for Fall 2013. Be sure to select the "Upstate" campus. Then select a subject to search the master schedule.
  5. Choose from the actions "ADD" / "DROP" / "CHANGE SECTION" / etc., then enter the 5-digit CRN (formerly the schedule code).
  6. Repeat Step 5 until all your courses have been added or dropped. You may also use the CTRL button to choose more than one subject to search.
  7. View schedule by clicking on "Week at a Glance."
  8. When you have finished registering, select Registration Fee Assessments to access your fees. When your bill is correct, including housing (if applicable) pay your fees to complete the total process.

Note: Steps 5-8 can only be completed after your registration appointment time (time ticket).

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