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Comprehensive Standard 3.2.1

The governing board of the institution is responsible for the selection and the periodic evaluation of the chief executive officer. (CEO evaluation/selection)  

Judgement: Compliant


In accordance with the University of South Carolina (USC) Board of Trustees Bylaws, Article XI: Section 3, the chief executive officer for the University of South Carolina Upstate (USC Upstate) is the Chancellor.  As stipulated in the USC Board of Trustees Bylaws, Article XI: Section 1, the Chancellor reports to the President of the University of South Carolina System.  The Board of Trustees Bylaws, Article III: Section 1 (M) stipulates that it is the duty of the Board to “approve appointments and salaries of principal officials which shall be defined as those persons elected by the Board as well as university officers having the rank of vice president or chancellor or equivalent rank.”  The most recent appointment was ratified at the June 17, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting (available online only). USC Upstate letter of notification of change in leadership was sent to SACS on August 24, 2011.

Within the authority granted by the USC Board of Trustees Bylaws, Article XI: Section 3, through the President of the USC System, the Chancellor is evaluated on the duties and responsibilities as outlined below.  These duties and responsibilities include responsibility to the Board through the president to:

  • Execute all laws relating to the University of South Carolina System. 
  • Bear primary responsibility for: 
    • overseeing all of the factors that contribute to the quality of academic (teaching, research, and public service) and support programs of the campus. 
    • generally supervising of all relationships between students and the various levels of campus administration. 
    • managing the finances of the campus and its component parts in conformity with university management policies and practices. 
    • administering personnel including employment and termination, wage determination and condition of employment within prescribed policies for all employees except those positions requiring action by the president or the board, in which cases the chancellor shall make recommendations to the president. 
    • operating and maintaining the physical plant, purchase of supplies and equipment, and appropriate inventories and records of real and personal property under the jurisdiction of the campus. 
    • cooperating closely with the local higher education commission on all matters pertaining to the USC Upstate campus, and striving, where possible within established university system policy, to respond to local preferences and priorities. 
    • Whenever possible, attending meetings of the board and keeping the chairman of the local higher education commission apprised of the meeting schedule and of the board’s standing invitation to a representative of the local commission to attend.

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