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Comprehensive Standard 3.11.1

The institution exercises appropriate control over all its physical resources. (Control of physical resources) 



Control and management of physical resources at the University of South Carolina Upstate (USC Upstate) has been accomplished by compliance with state laws and regulations, University policies and procedures, and an organizational structure with assigned responsibilities.

Organizational Structure and Unit Responsibilities
All unit managers and the respective offices that have specific management and control duties share responsibilities for equipment accountability and control of facilities. The Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Business Affairs manages those functions in the offices of Facilities Management, Purchasing,and Risk Management.The Vice Chancellor for Information Technology is responsible for planning, installation, maintenance, and control of technology resources. (USC Upstate Organization Chart – NOTE: As of August 1, 2011, Dr. Thomas Moore assumed the role of Chancellor at USC Upstate)

Facilities Management is responsible for the physical assets of USC Upstate.  It is comprised of capital planning and construction services, building maintenance, custodial services, and landscaping services.  As established in the University’s strategic plan, capital projects are planned, designed, and implemented by Facilities Management.  Routine, preventative, and deferred maintenance is managed through a work management system that is used to initiate, assign, control, and report maintenance activities. The Office of Information Technology and Services determines technology services and equipment requirements, submits procurements requests, coordinates installations, and maintains an inventory of equipment.Computers and printers are recorded and maintained by serial number in an inventory management system with a software program that tracks each piece of equipment daily.

Acquisition of equipment, inventory control, and disposal of surplus property is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department in the Office of Business Services.  Procurement of equipment, supplies, and services is performed in accordance with state purchasing regulations and policies established by the USC Board of Trustees. USC Upstate has procurement authority up to $50,000 with USC state agency certification.  Procurements above that limit are processed by USC Upstate and implemented by the USC Purchasing Department as authorized by the SC Office of Materials Management.  For certain qualifying purchases below $2,500, units can use purchasing cards assigned to individual managers.  Specific accounting procedures and documentation are required for control and auditing purposes (Policy for Property Accountability).

A centralized inventory accountability system tracks items exceeding a value of $5,000.  Control is maintained with an annual physical inventory by unit managers, coordinated by the USC Upstate Purchasing Department.All items were accounted for in the physical inventory for 2010.  Surplus property is removed from the inventory and disposed of according to South Carolina (SC)regulations (Equipment Inventory for 2010). Furniture and equipment, including technology, owned by USC Upstate in all locations(Spartanburg, Greenville, and USC Sumter) are managed using the same operating policies and procedures.  Additional supervision and control of space and equipment is provided by the University Center of Greenville (UCG) as directed by the UCG Board of Directors and at USC Sumter as a campus within the USC System.

The Office of Risk Management (ORM)maintains insurance on all buildings, building contents, technology and other special educational equipment, other non-building campus facilities, andcampus vehicles.  This insurance is provided by the Insurance Reserve Fund of the State. Coverage is adjusted annually with required additions and deletions throughout the year.Insurance is maintained at 95% of the replacement cost for buildings valued at $167 million and has a $1,000 deductible on each incident.  Technology and other equipment are insured for the determined value of $8.7 million. When losses occur, ORM makes claims for cost recovery and provides funds to the respective unit for replacement through the procurement process.  Historically, losses and insurance claims have been extremely low. Only 26 items were reported with insurance payments of about $86,000 paid in a seven-year period from 2002-03 to 2008-09.  However, in 2009-10 two incidents caused an unusually high number of claims.  A fire in a landscaping services building resulted in $149,500 in claims,and the theft of computer equipment resulted in $28,000 in claims, for a total of $177,500.  For 2010-11, no losses were reported or insurance claims filed (Revised Insured Values for Building and Contents, 2011;Summary of Insurance Claims, 2002-03 to 2010-11).

The Office of Special Events and Facilities Scheduling is responsible for scheduling, coordinating the delivery of services, and managing non-academic use of facilities for on- and off-campus activities (Facilities Use Policies and GuidelinesPerforming Arts Center Policies and Procedures).

State Regulations
USC Upstate adheres to the rules and regulations for capital project development.Control measures for facilities design and construction are defined in the Manual for Pl anning and Execution of State Permanent Improvements in the Office of the State Engineer of the SC Budget and Control Board.Purchasing and procurement of supplies, equipment, and services are performed in accordance with state regulations and established USC System policies and procedures.

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