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Comprehensive Standard 3.2.8

The institution has qualified administrative and academic officers with the experience, competence, and capacity to lead the institution. (Qualified administrative/academic officers)  

Judgement: Compliant


Senior academic and administrative officers are required to possess the credentials, experience and capacity appropriate for their areas of responsibility. The senior administrative organization includes the Chancellor, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Business Affairs, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services, Dean of Students, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Services, Athletic Director, and Executive Director, University Boards and Public Affairs.  All senior administrators for the Spartanburg and Greenville campuses and the Sumter site are well qualified for their positions.  

Non-academic units are led by directors, while academic units are led by deans. Curriculum vitae, resumes, and transcripts are on file for senior academic and administrative officers. The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for maintaining faculty files which include credentials and transcripts for all deans. The Office of Human Resources (HR) maintains personnel files that contain position descriptions, resumes, and applications for all senior administrative officers.  Transcripts for senior academic administrative officers are maintained in the Office of Academic Affairs and all other non-academic officer transcripts are housed in HR.

The appointment process and annual performance reviews are designed to ensure the initial and continuing competency of all administrators. Senior administrators are evaluated annually by the Chancellor. All other administrative staff are evaluated annually by their immediate supervisor relative to their job responsibilities and to performance goals set the prior year. (Files are available for onsite review.)

Support Documents:  

  • Evaluations (Files are available for onsite review.)

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