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Comprehensive Standard 3.4.5

The institution publishes academic policies that adhere to principles of good educational practice.  These are disseminated to students, faculty, and other interested parties through publications that accurately represent the programs and services of the institution. (Academic policies)  

Judgement: Compliant


The University of South Carolina Upstate (USC Upstate) consults a variety of sources, including University of South Carolina system-wide policies, South Carolina Commission on Higher Education policies, state regulations, and specialized accrediting bodies in constructing its academic policies.  Once crafted, all documents undergo a multi-step vetting process to ensure that they accurately represent USC Upstate’s mission, programs, and services before they are published and disseminated to students, faculty, and other parties through the 2011-2012 Academic Catalog, the University website, Faculty Manual, the Student Handbook and recruitment brochures.  Publications are updated to ensure that they continue to adhere to principles of good educational practice and are accurate.

Academic policies are reviewed by all units, Faculty Senate (as appropriate), and the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  Academic policies apply to on-campus, off-campus, and distance learning programs.  These are published in the 2011-2012 Academic Catalog, 2011-2012 Student Handbook,individual course syllabi, and on the University website.  The catalog, handbook, and course syllabi are updated regularly.  The academic catalog and handbook are published at the beginning of each academic year in print and on the institution’s website.  The catalog contains information on admission, registration, transfer credit, student grievance procedures, financial aid, tuition and fees, and academic standards.

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