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2014 SGA Elections

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Candidates for President

Alexander Genean Dukes
Tevin Deion Logan
Jonathan Wiley

Alexander Genean Dukes:

Major: Criminal Justice
Classification: Junior
Hometown: Pickens, SC

Alexander Dukes HeadshotMy name is Alexander G. Dukes, a Junior Criminal Justice major and I am running for the President of the Student Government Association. Today, students feel that their voice is either ignored or just not being heard at all. I believe in the student voice and I plan to continue to be the voice of the students. To me students come to college for an education but their life and memorable experiences is what keeps them here. My goal is to create a place that is like home. A place that makes students more comfortable and less stressed. Ultimately, I plan to lay the foundation and put the student back into Student Government and Student Life. It would be my duty to have an open door policy that will always be open to students, faculty and administrators to address concerns and answer questions in an effort to maintain open communication and dialogue between these three parties. It would be my duty to work to satisfy the needs of the Student body. I believe that having individuals with different perspectives working together results in a better representation of our campus which in itself is diverse.
As your student government president I would like to make sure that the college experience is relevant for ALL students at USC Upstate. If elected President of Student Government, I will continue to serve this student body as I have done over the past three years. As Freshman Class President, I promised to make living on campus a better home away from home experience for students. As the Secretary of Student Government, I vowed to listen and advocate for students and I did. As Vice President, I promised to have an open-door policy to Student Government and complaint tables. Just as I have fulfilled my duties over the past years, I will continue to do the same next year. I am Alexander Dukes and I am here for you. So join me next year in putting the Student back into Student Government and Student Life.

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Tevin Deion Logan:

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies
Classification: Junior
Hometown: Cowpens, SC

Deion Logan headshotMy platform for the upcoming election:

  • Increasing student recognition on campus such as scholarships, honors and special access.
  • Expand more student parking spaces on campus.
  • More activities for transfers, commuters and international students to better welcome them to campus.
  • Increase academic respect for all students on campus.
  • Increase safety on or off campus.
  • Get more student input on different activities.
  • Establish more restaurants on campus.

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    Jonathan Wiley:

    Major: Commercial Music
    Classification: Junior
    Hometown: Fairfax, SC

    Jonathan Wiley HeadshotMy platform is simple – Unite, Connect, Succeed. We must unite as a campus to seek out the areas where we are weak. We must connect our strongest resources, and then plot a course for future success. Here are the three areas where I think we can do that.

    • University Communication

      As Spartans, we are a part of the greatest university in the state of South Carolina. We do however face challenges in the area of communication. I believe there are 3 areas in which we can improve communication.
               o Inter Departmental
               o Cross Departmental
               o Informing Students    

      As SGA president, my goal is to work alongside our faculty, staff, clubs, organizations and advisors to develop a plan where everyone can be informed on activities going on within the university, and all the information you need could be found in one place. We have so many great things happening within our 80+ student organizations. Unfortunately, most great things they are doing go unrecognized because large portions of the student body do not feel informed.
    • Student Representation

      With a reported enrollment of over 5,400 students in 2014, the university has more than 5,400 voices to which it must listen. As a campus we have a rich history of being committed to students first. My goal as SGA President is to continue that tradition and to make sure that the concerns of the people are heard by those in control. That is the purpose of student government - to serve those whom we represent.
    • Continued Improvement in Student Life

      For the students who call this university home, and those who commute, there are always small inconveniences that we face every day (i.e. parking, adequate color printing locations, being dissatisfied with the selection of food offered on campus, issues with technology and certain university policies that we do not agree with). I understand how frustrating all of these issues can be, and as your president I will do my best to make USC Upstate an even better place to live and learn, as we all work together to seek out solutions for these type of concerns. 

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    Candidates for Vice President

    Marthies Nunoo 
    Sandy Vang  

    Marthies Nunoo

    Major: Business Administration
    Classification: Junior
    Hometown: London, United Kingdom

    Marthies Nunoo HeadshotIt is the Student Government Association’s job to make sure every student that steps foot on the University of South Carolina Upstate’s campus enjoys his or her time here no matter the circumstances. Despite, what groups or clubs or what sororities or fraternities you joined, we are all students, and every student deserves to have an equal say about what takes place on campus that we all love. My name is Marthies Van-Ess Nunoo and I am a junior here at the University of South Carolina (Upstate). I am running for the position of 2014-2015 Class Vice President with the intent and purpose of enhancing the quality of life among all students at USC-UPSTATE. I knew from the second I started my college process that I would land here in Upstate and I wouldn’t trade it for anything so far. It may be plain, but it is my goal to make sure every student leaves this University with no regrets or would’ve, should’ve, could’ve thoughts. If elected, I intend to do whatever it takes to interact with the people who come to the Student Government Association for help on a personal level. I truly believe that the only way to get something done is to completely understand an individual’s personality first, not just what they would like to achieve. I plan to accomplish this goal with the support and advice of the class council, which I will run in a democratic forum. Also, with the help of my fellow council members, I will work to help select a ring committee, who will be willing and able to devote the time, creativity, and sophistication necessary to create a class ring that both reflects the spirit of our class and inspires pride in the experience we all share getting through the University of South Carolina-Upstate.

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    Sandy Vang

    Major: Secondary Education
    Classification: Sophomore
    Hometown: York, SC

    Sandy Vang HeadshotHello everyone! My name is Sandy Vang and I am in pursuit of the Student Body Vice President position. I have been in Student Government for two years, serving on the Executive Board. I am seeking this position because I have the experience and knowledge behind the title. Not many of you know what Student Government does on campus or what our roles are as leaders, but I am here to serve and represent you. Freshmen year, I served as my Freshmen Class President, I made it my top priority to help my peers get more involved on campus, to encourage them to branch out and to become a part of the community. Many of them are now in honor societies, members of different organizations and hold leadership positions. Serving as Student Government Secretary this past year as a sophomore, I wanted to strengthen to voice of the students. I have accomplished all my goals alongside with my other hardworking Executive members; making sure that as students, you come first. Being a part of Student Government Association, it has truly made my last two years at USC Upstate a humbling and gratifying experience. If I am awarded the honor as serving you all as your Student Body Vice President, I will make it my duty that all your concerns are taken care of to my best ability and for all you to continue to be successful. I am confident that if you all vote for me you will not be disappointed; I have represented all of you in multiple meetings and luncheons with the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor and his cabinet and President Harris Pastides. Professors and buildings do not just make a university; it is the students who make it a community, and most of all a family. My personal promise to all of you; is to build up the relationship from student to student, keeping all of us together and united. It takes hard work and dedication, something I have been giving back to you as students, friends and peers for the past two years. Have faith in me, and most importantly have faith in yourself that you are making the right decision when you vote for me, and together we will have another wonderful and fulfilling year! Thank you all for your commitment to the university and for your vote.

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    Candidate for Secretary

    Brittni Shannon

    Major: Secondary Education Math
    Classification: Sophomore
    Hometown: Charleston, SC

    Brittni Shannon HeadshotHey everyone! My name is Brittni Shannon and I will be running for Student Body Secretary. If I am elected, I will serve you faithfully and honestly and do my best to have your voices be heard. Student Government has done a lot for me personally and because of that, I want to have the opportunity to help serve you like they have served me. One of the most important things about being on Student Government is helping students better their relationship between their teachers, faculty and upper administration. It’s my goal to close the gap and help you all become more successful in every aspect of school. I truly am confident that if you vote for me I will work hard to address all of your concerns to the best of my ability, I will make sure your voices are heard, and I will attempt to make University of South Carolina at Upstate become a stronger community!

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    Candidate for Treasurer

    JaQuan Drayton

    Major: Chemistry/Pre-engineering
    Classification: Freshman
    Hometown: Charleston, SC

    JaQuan Drayton HeadshotMy name is JaQuan Drayton and I am seeking the executive officer position of treasurer. I am currently the freshman class president here at Upstate. As freshman class president, I push for student involvement, school spirit and academic success. I am passionate about the positions and roles that I take part in on campus. I believe that I am qualified to serve as treasurer of Student Government Association. As treasurer, I will maintain a public record of all funds of the Student Government Association and their disbursements with integrity. I will serve as the chair of the elections committee with honor and privilege. I will coordinate the USC Upstate homecoming week, making it diverse and entertaining to all. As treasurer, I promise that I will devote myself to the task at hand and diligently work to serve my fellow peers of USC Upstate.

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