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Information for Parents

Parents are an important part of a student’s college experience. The following information is designed to help orient you to the function of Health Education on the USC Upstate campus and to your student’s life as well as how you can help ensure their success.

How do I help prevent substance use from becoming a problem in my student’s life?

How do I know if my son/daughter is abusing alcohol or other substances?

What else can I do to support my son/daughter in college?

  • Monitor the amount of money your student has to spend on a monthly basis.
  • Continue to remind students about the importance of education and what their goals are with regard to their college experience.
  • Help them explore and develop hobbies. Encourage your student to become involved in the many activities USC Upstate and the Upstate community have to offer.
  • Check-in regularly with your son/daughter to see how they are doing and ask questions about their lives on campus. How do I start a conversation? One suggestion: “How are you balancing your school work and social life?”
  • Remember that while college students are young adults, they are still impressionable and listening to what you say. Thus, they can be easily influenced by your own “party” stories.
  • Speak up if you have concerns. It is better to address concerns immediately rather than waiting until you think there is a problem to seek help.

Can I require my daughter/son to attend counseling?
We cannot contact your student or require them to attend counseling. However, we would be happy to advise you about ways you might discuss your concerns with your student. We will also explain to you a general overview of how our program works.

Can I get information about my student’s counseling?
Counseling is a specially-protected, confidential relationship between client and counselor. What and with whom a student shares information about their counseling experience is at their discretion. It is the law as well as the strict policy of Counseling Services not to release any client information without the appropriately signed release forms, subpoena, and/or extenuating circumstances as outlined on the Informed Consent form.

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