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How do I recognize a student who may be struggling with substance use?
Any sudden change in student performance could indicate a drug or alcohol issue or another mental health concern. If you notice a student suddenly withdrawing from class discussion, participating less in class, and/or missing class, discuss your concern(s) with the student. You can refer them to Health Education or Counseling Services for further assistance.

How can I encourage students to make healthy choices within the classroom?
Encourage students to attend alcohol-free events on campus and within the community. Particularly at the end of the week, remind students to engage in safe partying behaviors and use a designated driver if they plan to drink over the weekend. 

How do I refer a student?
Please have the student contact Health Education to schedule an appointment. If the problem requires more immediate attention, on-call/crisis appointments are available through Counseling Services.

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  • Health Education (864) 503-5536 Campus Life Center, Suite 220

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