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How do I recognize a student who may be struggling with substance use?
Any sudden change in student performance could indicate a drug or alcohol issue or another mental health concern. If you notice a student suddenly withdrawing from class discussion, participating less in class, and/or missing class, discuss your concern(s) with the student. You can refer them to Alcohol and Drug Programs for further assistance.

Please note that while AOD functions under the larger umbrella of Counseling Services, we maintain our own separate staff, office, and program. Therefore, it is important that you contact AOD directly when referring a student in order to route the student in a timely fashion.

How can I encourage students to make healthy choices within the classroom?
Encourage students to attend alcohol-free events on campus and within the community. Particularly at the end of the week, remind students to engage in safe partying behaviors and use a designated driver if they plan to drink over the weekend. Refer students to AOD’s know the signs campaign to assist students in maintaining awareness of the signs of alcohol poisoning, impairment, etc.

How do I refer a student?
Please have the student contact Alcohol and Drug Programs directly at 503-5536 or in person at CLC 220 to schedule an appointment. By mid semester, it is not uncommon for a student to have to wait several days for the next available appointment. If the problem requires more immediate attention, on-call/crisis appointments are available through Counseling Services.

If you are concerned about a student’s reluctance to keep an appointment, please feel free to accompany them to AOD and wait with them until they meet with their counselor. When possible, please advise the staff of the reasons for the referral, emphasizing in particular any concerns about suicide or other forms of dangerous behavior

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