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Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
& Dean of Students

Dear Upstate Students, 

RU OK? Many of you may wonder what this icon is all about and how it affects you. Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in the LPBnumber of students who have been in crisis along with the normal stress of their academic programs. This campaign is a way we hope to assist students who are in need.

The Division of Student Affairs, in collaboration with Academic Affairs, has introduced a new initiative called “Spartans Care.” The purpose of the initiative is to instill the value of a caring community and allow students to assist other students who may be in crisis. We hope to promote that students can effectively help their peers identify resources and offices that can assist them. By eliminating bystander behavior and engaging with others, everyone has the opportunity to support success in our community.

If you know a fellow student who is having a hard time or could pose a danger to him/herself or others, please contact us, submit the online report or refer them to one of our many campus resources. Spartans do care about each other, Let's show our personal support and encouragement.

In Spartan Care,

Laura Puckett-Boler
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Dean of Students

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USC Upstate Code of Student Behavior

Handbook  CoverView the current issue of the USC Upstate Student Handbook online for information on student policies, regulations and disciplinary procedures.

The University of South Carolina Upstate is an academic community preserved through mutual respect and trust of the individuals who learn, teach and work within it.

Students as well as all parties at the University must be protected through fair and orderly processes. These are best safeguarded when each person within the university community acts in an orderly and responsible manner. All students and guests are equally entitled to the protection embodied in these codes of conduct and are expected to meet the standards set forth therein.

Specifically, the University of South Carolina Upstate has adopted the Carolinian Creed as developed by the University of South Carolina. Thus, the community of scholars at USC Upstate is dedicated to personal and academic excellence. Choosing to join the community obligates each member to a code of civilized behavior.

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Laura Puckett-Boler
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs 
& Dean of Students
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Executive Assistant
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