Accommodation Process

Initial Intake
To request accommodations, students must complete an intake form, provide documentation and schedule a collaborative interview. Some accommodations require significant pre-planning, so students should begin the intake process well in advance of the start of their first academic semester.

Current documentation from a qualified physician or other licensed professional in a field related to the disability is required. Since each disability is unique, guidelines of what constitutes appropriate documentation for a particular disability are available. At a minimum, the documentation must address:

  • Verification of disability/statement of diagnosis
  • Substantial functional limitations noted as a result of the disability on a major life activity (e.g., learning, hearing, seeing)
  • Recommendations of possible accommodations

Collaborative Interview
Students should be prepared to discuss the impact of their disability in the academic environment, their history of accommodations and the accommodations being requested. This information, with the results of the documentation review, will help determine reasonable accommodations for the student.

When decisions are made regarding accommodations, accommodation letters are prepared for students to provide to their instructors. Students should be prepared to discuss the impact of their disability and how the requested accommodations will support them in the classroom with their individual instructors. Accommodations will not be put in place until students have completed the intake process and the collaborative interview. Students must request accommodation letters for each successive semester.

Please contact Disability Services with any questions at 864-503-5199.

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