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Social Event Registration Form

Student organizations are required to register their events with the Office of Student Life (on-campus and off-campus). Please complete this form and submit to Student Life at least 2 weeks before your event. Late night events should register at least 6 weeks in advance.

Contact Information

Organization Sponsoring:  
Is this event co-sponsored?:  
If "yes," please list all sponsors*:    
*If the other sponsors are student organizations at other college campuses, please list the colleges they are registered at.
Event Contact Person:
Phone Number:
Email Address:

Event Information

Event Name:
Event Date:
Event Location:
Start Time: End Time:
Late Night Event?
Please note on-campus events that conclude after 11:00pm are considered Late Night Events and are expected to adhere to the USC Upstate Late Night Event policy.
Have you submitted a room reservation request?
Number of Attendees Expected:
Please note on-campus events that have more than 100 attendees may be required to have a University Police provide security.
Is this event open to non-USC Upstate students?
Will admission be charged at this event?
If yes, a Fundraising Request Form must be completed.
Does your organization have an account through the Office of Student Life?
Name of Advisor(s) to be present for the duration of event:
Advisor Email:
Phone Number:

Each organization President and Advisor are responisble for educating group members about university policies regarding student events.