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Icon for SGAStudent Organization Special Projects Funding Request 

You MUST attach an itinerary for the trip or program detailing all that will occur AND a separate breakdown of what each thing will cost. Send these attachments to sga@uscupstate.edu.  

Name of Organization:

Name and Title of Person Submitting Request:

Email of Person Submitting Request:

Name of Organization Advisor:  Campus Phone Number:

Name of Sepcial Project: 

Date of Special Project:

Please give a brief description of the special project. If it is travel, describe destination, purpose and number of participants. If it is a program, describe destination, purpose and number of participants. If it is a program, describe the program purpose, benefit and detail of what it entails.


How will USC Upstate students benefit from this special project?


What other organizations are co-sponsoring this event?


 Please describe your budget:

Description of Expense (i.e. transportation, food) Amount Requested

Total Requested:

Amount participating organizations will be contributing: 

Total funds participating organizations have access to:


Questions may be directed to the Student Government Association (located in the Student Life Office on the 2nd Floor of the Olin B. Sansbury Jr., Campus Life Center) or via email at sga@uscupstate.edu. If allocated this money, you will have to fill out all support forms such as Travel Request, Room or Space Request, and any other related documents.

Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m., on Tuesday of the week prior to the next SGA General Member Meeting to be considered. Applications received after this time will not be considered until the next meeting two weeks later.Applications for travel or contractual fees must be submitted at least six weeks in advance of the date of travel/event. Any applications received with less than six weeks notice will not be considered.