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USC Upstate Resident Advisors

Becoming an RA | RA Team Member Directory | Information for Current RAs

The HRL staff includes 24 outstanding USC Upstate student leaders.They are called Resident Advisors (RAs). You will get to know these leaders, as they will be planning a variety of program opportunities, enforcing rules and policies, as well as maintaining safety through evening duty. They are good resource tools for you and your link to HRL. RA superman 2

RAs are undergraduate student leaders that are instrumental in the day-to-day operations of HRL.Their primary tasks are to help students adjust to on-campus living and to become acclimated to USC Upstate. Other RA tasks include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  • Protect the primary rights of students
  • Create a caring community conducive to student growth and development
  • Listen to and make referrals regarding residents’ personal, academic and adjustment issues
  • Serve as role models on behalf of HRL and USC Upstate
  • Enforce all rules and policies
  • Assist residents in times of need
  • Keep residents informed of pertinent information regarding HRL
  • Ensure that all residents and guests act in a responsible manner
  • Provide social, academic, vocational and educational programs and activities to residents
  • Mediate conflicts between roommates and/or suite mates

Your RA has been trained to be a valuable resource as you live, learn and grow at USC Upstate.They are here to help you, so be sure to take the time to get to know them and take advantage of their wisdom and talents.

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Interested in becoming an RA?

Are you interested in becoming a member of our Resident Advisor team? Do you have a passion for your fellow students and leadership? This position may be exactly what you have been looking for. Resident Advisors serve our students in many capacities, but specifically they are there as a resource to connect students to campus resources. Resident Advisors receive specialized training and tools to help them create a hall environment that is welcoming, inclusive and positive for all. If you are interested in learning more about this position, please take a look at the 2013-2014 job description for Resident Advisors.

More information on becoming an RA:
2015-2016 Selection Information (We are currently updating information for selection 2015. Please come back for more information.)
Student Employment Portal

Contact Lee Roddick with any further questions.

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2014-2015 Resident Advisor Team Member Directory

Palmetto House - First FloorJuneatta StricklandJuneatta Strickland resize
Palmetto House - First Floor Dorothy-Faye SwygertDorothy-Faye Swygert
 Palmetto House - Second Floor         Derrick Carter                  Derrick Carter
 Palmetto House - Second FloorDemi Messer Demi Messer
 Palmetto House - Third FloorFloyd MulliganFloyd Mulligan
 Palmetto House - Third FloorBridget CorbettBridget Corbett
Palmetto House - Fourth Floor Bethany PhillipsBethany Phillips
 Palmetto House - Fourth FloorRachel RayRachel Ray
Magnolia House - First Floor Molly BradyMolly Brady
Magnolia House - First Floor Amber MorganAmber Morgan
Magnolia House - Second FloorJulie HoltJulie Holt
Magnolia House - Second FloorLiz ThomasLiz Thomas
Magnolia House - Third FloorEmanuel WamerEmanuel Wamer
Magnolia House - Third FloorShawn SalibaShawn Saliba
Magnolia House - Fourth FloorErvin HeardErvin Heard
Magnolia House - Fourth FloorJosh DennisJosh Dennis
Villa 1Alexis KingAlexis King
Villa 2 & 3Matthew SmithMatthew Smith
Villa 4 & 5Tiara MillerTiara Miller (resize)
Villa 6 & 7Taylor ChildsTaylor Childs
Villa 8 & 12Shanta BlowShanta Blow
Villa 9Rhonda GrantRhonda Grant
Villa 10Janell BerksJanell Berks
Villa 11Michael QuaielMichael Quaiel


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Information for Current Resident Advisors:
OSHA Training
How to write a Maxient report
How to use Share Point
Student Employment Portal
Recording Desk Hours