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Housing and Residential Life Rock Reservation Form 

Thank you for submitting a request to reserve the rock next to Villas 6. 

If you would like to reserve Stu's rock located in the Lower Quad, please use this form.
A * indicates a required field.

Contact Information  
Name of Organization
Email Address *
Phone Number


Display Information  
Start Date of Painting
End Date of Display

Remember the maximum amount of time is two weeks unless approval has been granted by the Director of Housing and Residential Life. 

Event/Items to be Promoted   

Display Rules/Regulations

    1. This form must be submitted to the Office of Housing & Residential Life at least one week prior to the start of painting.
    2. The rock can only be reserved for two weeks unless approval is granted by the Director of Housing and Residential Life.
    3. The rock is reserved on a first come/first served basis to all registered student organizations.
    4. The organization is responsible for purchasing all paint and supplies needed to paint the rock.
    5. Displays must adhere to the Posting Policy set forth in the Student Organization Handbook.  
    6. Only the rock can be painted, not anything in the surrounding area such as the sign, rails, etc.