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The Division of Student Affairs -
Vision, Mission and Goals

The Division of Student Affairs at the University of South Carolina Upstate will become one of the leading student services programs in the Southeast by placing emphasis on both the intellectual and interpersonal growth of the students it serves. The Division of Student Affairs will provide a wide variety of active learning opportunities for students and will strive to maintain a caring, sensitive and supportive environment to promote student development. Similar attention will be devoted to maintaining a clear purpose, effective programs and efficient practices.

The Division of Student Affairs at the University of South Carolina Upstate will be recognized for the exceptional quality of its programs and services, and the strength of its commitment to the goals of holistic student development and student success.

The mission of the Division of Student Affairs complements the institution's mission, with the enhancement of student learning and personal development being the primary focus of student affairs programs and services. Further, the student affairs division seeks to promote student success by empowering students to achieve their fullest intellectual and interpersonal potential. This mission will be accompanied by placing an emphasis on the provision of experiential learning opportunities for students.

To accomplish its goals, the student affairs division will seek to form collaborative partnerships with academic and nonacademic organizational units within the University and the larger community to encourage the holistic growth and development of students, to promote leadership and to facilitate a strong commitment to responsible citizenship.

The following goals represent the central focus and primary purpose of the division:

  • to prepare students to make a successful transition to the USC Upstate campus community
  • to promote student retention through the provision of a wide range of support services
  • to offer programs and services that enable students to establish realistic education and career goals
  • to promote the development of ethical and responsible conduct among students
  • to encourage students to respect and appreciate racial, ethnic, cultural, physical, gender and other differences
  • to offer health promotions and services which address primary health care needs
  • to support the interpersonal and social development of students
  • to present students with opportunities to expand their aesthetic and cultural appreciation
  • to facilitate active learning through collaboration with academic units and through experiential learning opportunities
  • to provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • to create a sense of community through provisions of programs, services and events that facilitate positive interaction among students, faculty and staff
  • to establish and maintain a viable residential life program


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