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Multicultural Programs: Programming

Multicultural Programs designs programs and events to raise awareness, exploration and appreciation about issues concerning:

  • Race
  • Disabilities
  • Ethnicity
  • Socioeconomic Status 
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Religion 
  • Gender 
  • Individual Differences
  • Sexual Orientation 

Multicultural Programs strives to:

  • Provide support through programs and activities for underrepresented students of color to assist with the university's retention efforts,
  • Affirm the inclusion of diverse student populations in the campus community,
  • Cultivate a spirit of collaboration, co-sponsorship and cooperation between university groups to promote diversity related efforts.

Our program calendar includes Asian Awareness Month, Black History Month, Diversity Week, Hispanic Awareness Month, Native American Heritage Month, Pre-Kwanzaa, and Women's History Month activities.


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Doug Peters, M.Ed.

(864) 503-5122

Assistant Director for Multicultural 

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