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Non-Traditional Student Services

Non-Traditional Student Services at USC Upstate offers academic and personal support to students who are in any of the following categories:

  • Students who are twenty-five years of age or older
  • Students of any age who are married or who are parents
  • Students who are veterans of the armed forces
  • Students who are working full-time and attending college
  • Students who are college or university graduates and are returning to school.

Currently, non-traditional students comprise approximately 40% of the student population at USC Upstate. For this reason, the University is working to provide increased support to meet the complex needs of these students. If you identify yourself as a non-traditional student at USC Upstate, please fill out the Non-Traditional Student Information Form

Copies of the current Non-Traditional Student Handbook can be obtained by visiting our office. For more information, please call Non-Traditional Student Services at 503-5122.


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Doug Peters, M.Ed.

Assistant Director of Student Life

Multicultural Programs and Non-Traditional Student Services
(864) 503-7454
Campus Life Center, Suite 210

USC Upstate
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