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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?
You can sign up at Greek Info Night, orientations, freshman move-in day, or on the first day of recruitment.

How does the process work?
Greek recruitment is a mutual selection process. Potential members attend recruitment events over five days. At the end of each day the sororities and fraternities are asked to narrow down their list of individuals. On the last day, potential members can attend a maximum of two events. At the conclusion of those events, they "preference" the chapters they would like to join. The organizations also preference the individuals they would like to join. A computer then matches up each chapter and its potential members. On Bid Day, potential members find out what chapter they have matched with, and each organization has an event to celebrate with their new members.

What do I wear during recruitment week?
The most important thing is to wear something you’re comfortable in.

Sororities: On the first three nights we suggest to wear either a sundress or a casual outfit. On Preference Night we suggest you wear a cocktail dress. For Bid Day, we advise you wear anything comfortable: shorts, jeans, capri’s. The most important thing during recruitment is for you to be yourself, as the chapter women want to know you as an individual.

What if I have to miss a recruitment event?
It is very important that you attend all of the Recruitment events to which you are invited. Unexcused absences hamper your chances of being invited to the next night. Excuses are granted for illness, family emergencies, class attendance, and religious observances, provided you notify your Recruitment Counselor in advance at the orientation so that the chapters can be informed. We strongly recommend that you arrange to get off work during the Recruitment events if at all possible

How do I decide between Greek organizations?
All sororities and fraternities at USC Upstate have the same goals and values. Yet each chapter has their own character and personality. Making decisions can be difficult and a very common dilemma. But keep in mind that your organization will become your home away from home, a place where you feel comfortable and welcome. Your experiences at each event, and personal goals and desires should guide you in your decision making

How much does it cost to join a Greek organization?
There is a cost to joining and being a member of a Greek organization. Each sorority or fraternity has a different amount of dues (and this information will be given out at Greek Info Night). New member dues are more expensive than member dues.

How time consuming are Greek organizations? 
Like other extra-curricular activities, how much you get out of your Greek membership is related to how much you put in. Each week you will have meetings and sometimes mandatory activities. Optional activities such as holding an office, attending social events, playing on an intramural sports team, or helping out with various projects will of course take additional time. Some organizations require more time than others. Be sure to ask questions regarding time commitments during recruitment.