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Why Should You Join Greek Life?

Sororities and fraternities are almost too deep and far-reaching to define on paper. They are more than social groups that gather for parties. Their purpose is not to accumulate as many trophies as possible to show off to the public. Their members do not all look, dress, and act alike. These organizations and their members are not chosen as a special elite class to which one has to wear a pin to belong.

Stadium Party GroupSororities and fraternities are tools for individual growth and development. They may be compared to miniature societies which essentially teach the principles of a democracy. There is a place for everyone. The older, more experienced members are present to guide the new members into their own position. Each organization offers opportunities in every field so that everyone can fit in.

Contrary to the belief of many people, sororities and fraternities do not strive for members who will conform in dress, interests, thoughts, and ideals. A Greek organization pledges individuals because it thrives on the unique characters, ideals, and opinions of its members. There is a place for the individual who is interested in activities and also the one who emphasizes scholarship. There is a place for the one who is elected to homecoming court and also the one who works hard on the float. It is only through these varied interests that a sorority or fraternity benefits an individual. One receives an education in all phases of college life, or on a wider scope, all phases of society.

The members of a Greek organization are sisters and brothers, sharing a strong bond of love and acceptance. Through this close relationship with others, you will reach a fuller development of your own character.

What is a sorority or fraternity? It is one of the the most worthwhile and rewarding groups to which one could ever belong.