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The Recruitment Experience

Formal recruitment consists of three rounds of events that allow you the opportunity to learn about each Panhellenic sorority at USC Upstate, as well as what it means to join a sorority. During the recruitment events women will have the time to ask questions about sorority activities, financial obligations, new member programs, scholarship, community service and sorority life in general. 

Description of Rounds for 2014 Recruitment
DZ4Round 1: Information Round - Friday, September 5
Campus Life Center 310, 5 p.m.

During this round, potential new members (PNMs) visit each sorority for 30 minutes. Sororities typically provide an overview of their chapter, and you are able to receive general information about their sisterhood. This is the most casual round of Recruitment, so a skirt, slacks or casual dress are appropriate. At the conclusion of this round, Chapters and PNMs will submit their preferences for Round 2 invitations.

Round 2: Philanthropy Round - Saturday, September 6
Campus LifeCenter 310, 3 p.m.
This round is by invitation only and lasts for 45 minutes. PNMs may visit up to 3 chapters based on their invitations. During this round, PNM’s will learn about each chapter’s philanthropy and service initiatives. You may do a craft or activity as part of this round. PNMs are asked to wear their Recruitment T-shirt and casual pants for this event, as you may be sitting on the floor. At the conclusion of this round, Chapters and PNM’s will submit their preferences for Round 3 invitations.

Round 3: Preference Round - Sunday, September 7
Campus Life Center 310, 3 p.m.
This is the final round of Recruitment, and is by invitation only. PNMs may be invited to visit 1 or 2 chapters for 1 hour. This is the most serious and intimate round of Recruitment where you are able to hear personal and heartwarming reflections from current members regarding their experiences within their sisterhood. Invitations to Preference Round parties should be respected, as it indicates that the sorority is very interested in you as a potential member. The attire for this round is the most formal, so semiformal attire or dressy slacks would be appropriate. At the conclusion of this round, PNMs and Chapters will rank their final selections. Matches will be revealed at Bid Day.

Bid Day - Monday, September 8
Upper Quad (behind Stockwell Administration Building), 5 p.m.
Bid Day is a day of celebration! At this time, PNMs who received invitations (bids) are able to review their invitation and decide if they wish to accept. If so, when their name is called they run out to meet their new sisters on the Upper Quad. 

It is important to recognize that Recruitment is a selection process. The Panhellenic Advisor and Recruitment Counselors will explain the process in detail throughout the week. Each PNM will be assigned to a group led by two Recruitment Counselors who will be available during the entire process to answer questions.

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