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American Sign Language Club
The American Sign Language Club helps raise awareness and understanding of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (H.o.H.) cultures and the language to the public. Individuals will have opportunities to gain a better understanding of the language, as well as, the culture it is derived from. The club will provide opportunities for participants to come and improve their language skills in a safe, educational environment by offering simulative workshops, booths, and social events within the University of South Carolina Upstate’s campus community. For more information contact Julie Jones at 864-503-5866.

Anime Club
The Anime Club exists to provide students an opportunity to meet other individuals interested in Japanese anime and to promote the understanding of animation. For more information contact David Coberly at 864-503-5830.

Black Student Leaders (BSL)
Black Student Leaders (BSL) strives to increase cultural awareness, foster harmonious interracial relations among all the members of the University community, and promote the development of its members as individuals. Annual participation in a variety of Black History Month and annual sponsorship of HIV/AIDS Awareness Week activities highlights the group’s active contributions to campus life. BSL is open to all students. For more information contact Sarah Butler at 864-503-5968.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)
The purpose CAB is to involve students in creating and planning social events for the campus community. CAB aims to provide a diverse range of programs for students that allow them to develop socially, while simultaneously attempting to create a more unified campus. CAB serves as the student-led programming branch of the Office of Student Life.

The Carolinian
The Carolinian is the bi-monthly campus newspaper. It contains a wealth of information pertaining to student life, such as club news, athletic results, upcoming events, interesting features and much more. The Carolinian is published entirely by students, and the staff is always looking for news and feature writers, sports reporters, photographers and advertising representatives. For more information contact the Office of Student Life at 864-503-5122.

College Democrats at Upstate
College Democrats strive to introduce and educate Upstate students on the ideas and platforms of the Democratic party, to inform students, and to create interest in politics. For more information contact Trevor Rubenzer at 864-503-5633.

College Republicans at Upstate

The College Republicans makes known and promotes the principles of the Republican Party among students at USC Upstate. The members aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government and recruit USC Upstate students as members of the Republican Party. The group also works to develop political skills and leadership abilities among students as preparation for future service by them to the Party and the community. For more information contact Jim Griffis at 864-503-5660.

COMMON is a support group formed to educate students and employees on a variety of GLBT issues. The mission of COMMON is based on the principle of People Respecting Individuality and Diversity through Education. Following this principle, COMMON provides GLBT awareness programs, activism, and social events for the community at large and the University of South Carolina Upstate. This organization shall be non-discriminatory in providing these services and activities for GLBT students, faculty, alumni, and their allies. This organization strives to promote diversity and education throughout the entire campus community. For more information contact David Coberly at 864-503-5830.

Future Filmmakers Club
The Future Filmmakers Club allows students to have an interest in one area of film to experience the process of filmmaking. Members write, shoot, and edit short films. Members also view and critique new and old films while discussing the elements of filmmaking. For more information contact Dr. Peter Caster at 864-503-5677.

Hispanic Awareness Association (HAA)
The purpose of the Hispanic Awareness Association (HAA) is to provide support and guidance of Hispanic students and to educate and share the many facets of Hispanic culture with USC Upstate. HAA is open to all students. For more information contact Dr. Shannon Polchow at 864-503-5654.

Hub City Disc Golf Club

Started by the students of USC Upstate, Hub City Disc Golf Club invites disc golfers in Spartanburg, SC and surrounding communities to come together for the greater disc golfing good. Local courses include the newly opened 18-hole course on the campus of USC Upstate, the beautifully manicured 9-hole shorty on the campus of Wofford College, and the 18-hole Championship course at Va-Du-Mar park in Boiling Springs, SC. For more information contact Michael Dickens at 864-503-5848.

IMPACT, a community service organization, helps unite the campus and community by promoting good relations among students, faculty members, and administrators, and serves as the student-led community service branch of the Office of Student Life. Community service opportunities may include, but are not limited to: monthly service projects in the Greater Spartanburg Area, Spartan Day of Service, annual Fall Break Day of Service, Haunted Hollow, Angel Tree, and Annual Alternative Spring Break (ASB).

International Club
The International Club strives to help others realize the values of other cultures and help the international students adjust to and navigate through American culture. The International Club is open to all students. For more information contact David Marlow at 864-503-5849.

Lion’s Club at Upstate
The mission of the Lion’s Club is to assist our community that are in need, both on and off campus. For more information contact Dr. Eugene Spiess at 864-503-5372.

The mission of the USC Upstate Collegiate chapter of the NAACP is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. For more information contact Dr. Warren Carson at 864-503-5634.

Outdoor Club
The Outdoor Club mission is to provide members with opportunities of recreational involvement and as an ultimate way to make friends and have fun during a student’s college experiences, and enjoy the great outdoors.

The ROTC Club provides an opportunity for Upstate students to learn about the branches of the Army and become familiar with various tactical skills including, but not limited to: basic first aid, basic rifle marksmanship, orienteering and foundational leadership skills. For more information contact MSG Bowman at 864-579-4000.

Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu Club
Based on techniques that have evolved over hundreds of years, Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu provides an extremely effective self-defense system against virtually any attacker, unarmed or otherwise. This system, taught in a friendly club atmosphere, can be used by anyone irrespective of strength, weight, or gender. All you need to start is loose clothing. The club meets twice a week and progressively builds upon lessons learned throughout the semester. For more information contact Glen Batista at 864-503-5069.

Spartan Army
The Spartan Army is the official fan group of USC Upstate athletics. For more information contact Athletics at 864-503-5893.

Spartan Ultimate Frisbee
Spartan Ultimate Frisbee Club is a coed club to allow members to learn the fundamentals of Ultimate and to practice their skills. For more information contact Benjamin Montgomery at 864-503-5764.

STAND brings together students to take steps towards the end of genocide worldwide by raising funds for relief and protection for victims, educating the students and the community of the University of South Carolina Upstate about current genocides, and providing ways for ordinary people to take action in resolving these crises. For more information contact Wayne Robbins at 864-503-5818.

Student Government Association (SGA)
The USC Upstate Student Government Association (SGA) is a self-governing entity of the student body. It is the primary liaison between students, faculty, and administration. SGA is your voice on campus.

The purpose of Upstarts is to educate and communicate to the students and community the relevance and importance of feminism to today’s college-age women and men. For more information contact Dr. Araceli Hernades-Laroche at 864-503-5221.

Upstate Fitness Club
Upstate Fitness Club is a club that promotes fitness and the well-being of the upstate community through exercise and social gatherings, which promote healthy living. For more information contact Mark Ritter at 864-503-5939.

Upstate Rock Climbing Club
The mission of the Upstate Rock Climbing Club is to introduce students to a challenging activity which is both mentally and physically rewarding: Rock climbing! Members of URC will begin climbing indoors on simulated rock, learning the fundamental skills necessary to enjoy rock climbing and get the most out of their experience. Students will gain new perspectives and be introduced to different cultures, allowing them to continue learning outside the classroom in a fun and safe environment. For more information contact Peter Caster at 864-503-5677.

Upstate Student Veterans
A student organization committed to the academic and non-academic success of student veterans. For more information, contact Robin Hollis at 864-503-5273.

Upstate Students for Life
Upstate Students for Life is a Christ-centered pro-life group committed to promoting a culture of life in American, starting on the campus of USC Upstate. The organization hopes to do this by educating the campus on life issues, helping those in need so that life is a promising choice, participating in pro life events, and working with those who have our same goals. For more information contact Sarah Campbell at 864-503-5716.

Upstate’s Curly and Natural (UCAN)
Upstate’s Curly And Natural a.k.a U.C.A.N. is an organization that educates and empower Upstate students on natural, kinky, coily, curly, hair. We encourage and support students who are wanting to embrace their natural hair and leave chemicals out of their hair. For more information contact Allison Ludwig at 864-503-5307.

Women’s Leadership Network
Women’s Leadership Network is an honorary society for the women leaders on campus. The members of WLN make valuable connections needed to collaborate and build both their organizations and community. For more information contact Sarah Butler at 864-503-5968.


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