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Internship Information for Students

What is an internship?

Are you looking to explore a career or gain additional skills and knowledge you need to enter into your field of choice? An internship can provide you with a relatively short-term opportunity to focus on job training and apply what you have already learned in the classroom.
More information on internships for academic credits 

Steps to finding an internship

Finding an internship is much like finding a job. It is important to start your internship search well in advance of when you wish to complete the internship, as screening processes start early (i.e., the previous fall semester for some summer internship programs). 

You must:

a. Plan ahead and use more than one strategy during your search. 

b. Create a resume (listing your education and skills) and cover letter stating what you have to offer and what you want to gain from the internship experience.

c. Research companies in your field specifically targeting those that offer internships.

d. Be prepared to talk about what skills you have to offer and what experience you want to gain from the internship experience.

e. Contact Career Services to set up an appointment to learn what we have to offer that may assist you during your search, such as: upcoming  events, resume and cover letter assistance and leads to internships. 

f.  Network with faculty, friends, alumni and other professionals for leads to internships.

Additional strategies that can help you with your search:

  • Job Postings—Register with Spartan CareerLink to access part-time, internship vacancies as well as view positions listed for on-campus interviewing.
  • Company Web pages—Be strategic when you use the Internet to find positions. Look at professional organization sites, corporate sites and sites that target specific locations.
  • Current Employer—Working part-time is one way to “get your foot in the door.” Employers may prefer to hire you for an internship once you have proven your worth at the part-time level.
  • Direct Contact—You may choose to market yourself to an organization whether openings exist or not. This is done by sending your resume and cover letter directly to the company.

Can I get academic credit for my internship experience? 
In many cases, yes.  However, you must be in touch with your major academic department for assistance in gaining approval for credit.  Earning Academic Credit for Internships lists the appropriate individual for you to contact. 

Although not required for most majors, internships are strongly recommended and heavily considered by many employers. Internships help solidify your career interests and provide “hands-on” experience in a professional setting. They build your resume, reinforce what you have learned in class, and can often lead to full-time employment.

If you are interested in internships, drop by to talk with your Career Services Coordinator.

Other fun facts about Internships:

  • Available to all majors
  • Usually one semester long
  • May be paid or non paid
  • May be for class credit depending on your academic department
  • Available usually during the summer or part-time during the school year 

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