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Missing a class? Don’t cancel class! Call the Career Center to fill in for you!
Did you know Career Center offers a wide variety of workshops? Whether you request us for a short presentation, or for an entire class period, we’re here to help provide additional content for your class.

Career Center personnel can offer brief overviews on what we can do for students, plus what is involved with the internship process, and how to best utilize resources on campus. We can also connect you with employers to come and speak with your class. Additional workshops are listed below.

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Resume Writing: Need to add punch or pizzazz to your resume? Learn how to add character to your resume while still making it readable and attractive to potential employers or graduate schools
  • Job Search—Are Employers on Social Networks: Did you know that a person’s credit history, driving record, and even a MySpace or Facebook account can affect the job search?  Learn strategies for controlling all areas of the job search in this workshop.
  • Dress and Body Language/Interviewing: Non-verbal communication speaks volumes. This workshop teaches students how to make a positive and consistent impression during an interview, as well as how to identify and prepare for various interview styles and formats.
  • Evaluating Job Offers: Job offers are about more than the salary bottom line. Learn how to evaluate job offers side by side, all the intangibles a person should include when evaluating an offer, and how to accept or decline an offer without burning bridges.
  • How to Work a Career Fair: This workshop will help students get the most from attending a career fair. Learn how to prepare for the fair, what to do during the fair, and how to follow-up with employers after the fair.
  • Experiential Education I - Why should I Intern? Attend this workshop to gain information about the impact career related experience can have on your future career opportunities.
  • Experiential Education II - Finding an Internship Position: Qualifying for an Experiential Education experience is only part of the process. Join us for a discussion of how to find an Intern position, and to consider what types of opportunities may qualify for use in the program. We’ll discuss paid vs. nonpaid, credit vs. noncredit internships.

If you would like a Career Center staff member to speak with your class, please contact us at 864-503-5392, or e-mail us at rboggs@uscupstate.edu and provide the following information:

  • Topic
  • Date and time
  • Number of students

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