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Sample Career Path Timeline

Freshman Year:             

  • Self Assessment - Take career assessments to help you clarify your interests and values and generate potential career options.
  • Career Exploration - Learn as much as you can about majors and careers of interest to you. Visit Career Services to learn about resources that will assist you.
  • Academics - Develop good study habits. GPA is a key factor in your success as a student, as well as in securing internships and full-time jobs.
  • Campus and Community Involvement - Get involved. Employers seek students who are active and well-rounded on campus and in the community.
  • Work Experience - Seek part-time and/or summer employment. Create a resume to use for job applications.

Sophomore Year: 

  • Experiential Learning - Continue to explore your career interests and begin building your professional network through job shadowing and information interviewing.
  • Internships - Pursue an internship related to your career interests. Even if you have not declared or started taking coursework for your major, you can promote your value as an intern through good grades and student involvement.
  • Leadership - Begin seeking out leadership roles such as officer or project coordinator within student organizations.
  • Study Abroad - If you plan to study abroad, start investigating your options and making plans.

Junior Year:                   

  • Internships - Pursue an internship related to your career interests. If you are looking for a summer internship, start your search early in the fall as employers may try to select their candidates during the fall semester.
  • Networking - Attend job fairs, employer information sessions, student organization meetings and other events that offers you the opportunity to interact with potential employers.  
  • Preparing to Job Search - Update your resume, draft cover letters and identify references.
  • On-Campus Recruiting - Regardless of your graduation date, be ready to participate in on-campus interviewing in the fall semester of your senior year. The first deadline will occur early in September.
  • Continuing Education - If graduate or professional school is in your immediate future,  identify programs of interest and make plans to take graduate admissions tests.

Senior Year:                     

  • Job Searching - Work with Career Services staff to develop an individualized job search strategy based on your career goals. Be proactive in contacting employers of interest. 
  • Interview Preparation - Practice your interviewing skills and solicit feedback on how you can improve.
  • Evaluating Job Offers - Make well-informed decisions. Research employers, salary ranges and relocation costs associated with your options.  
  • Financial Literacy - Develop good financial planning goals as you prepare to graduate and enter the world of work.

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