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2015 Keynote Speaker: William A. Hopkins, Ph.D.

Dr. William A. Hopkins
2015 Keynote Address:

Never Grow Up: Snot Otters, Blood Suckers and A Smattering of Humble Advice for Aspiring Scholars

William A. Hopkins, Ph.D. is professor of wildlife conservation, director of The Global Change Center and director of the Interfaces of Global Change Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program at Virginia Tech. Professor Hopkins received his doctorate in biology from the University of South Carolina, master of science in zoology from Auburn University and bachelor of science in biology from Mercer University. Before joining the faculty at Virginia Tech, he was on the faculty at the University of Georgia and has maintained an active research program at the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Laboratory for 20 years.

Dr. Hopkins uses interdisciplinary approaches to study how anthropogenic global changes such as pollution, disease, habitat destruction and climate change influence the health of wildlife populations. He is internationally recognized for his outstanding contributions in several interrelated research areas including the effects of pollutants on reproduction and parental care in wildlife,and the effects of temperature on the early development of birds. He has published more than 160 peer-reviewed works, served on two National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council Committees and served as an associate editor for several journals. His expertise is regularly sought following major environmental disasters including the TVA ash spill, the BP Gulf oil spill, the Tisza River (Hungary) cyanide spill and the Guadiamar River (Spain) mine tailings disaster. Professor Hopkins’ research has been featured by international media including NPR, BBC, the New York Times and 60 Minutes. He regularly serves on advisory panels for state and federal agencies and provides frequent scientific guidance on environmental issues to policy makers in Washington D.C.


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