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Walk Upstate

Kickoff2Healthy Upstate Carolina invites you to participate in the 6th Annual “Walk Upstate,” which begins on Monday, January 13, 2014 and concludes on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

"Walk Upstate" has enjoyed overwhelming support and success during past events for the previous three years. During that time, walkers logged a total of 69,452 miles! 

The program is a 15-week contest sponsored by USC Upstate. The contest serves as a means of improving the health of employees through physical activity. The goal of the program is to motivate employees to walk at least one mile a day or a minimum of 100 miles in 15 weeks. Other forms of cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise are encouraged: 20 minutes of aerobic exercise is the equivalent of one mile. Upon completion of the program, teams will be treated to a delicious, healthy lunch at the Roël Pavilion, weather permitting.

Employees, participating on teams with a designated team captain, form and name their own teams with no more than 8 members per team. Individual mileage, recorded weekly, accumulates and serves to foster motivation and healthy competition between teams.  If you are interested in participating, but need help forming a team, please let us know. Team mileage is reported to Lauren Greene.  

For additional information, contact Lauren Greene at (864) 503-5924 or e-mail lgreene@uscupstate.edu.

Walking tips:

  • Stand up straight; leaning forward or back puts a strain on the back muscles
  • Chin parallel to the ground to avoid neck strain
  • Bend elbows at 90 degrees and close to body; hands should be loose and not in a clenched fist
  • When swinging your arms, the forward hand should not cross the center point of your body
  • When walking, strike the ground first with your heel, then roll through and push off with your toes
  • To avoid shin strain, do not over-stride. Take smaller steps.  Propel yourself forward using your back leg rather than overstepping with your forward leg. 


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