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Name:Christina McFadden
Hometown:Irmo, SC
Career Goals:Pursue graduate school and become a public health nurse
How has WLN impacted your life?:I have met numerous inspiring and influential women since I have been involved in WLN. Being surrounded by such amazing women has been a constant reminder for me to always seek to do better and find positive outlooks in every aspect of my life.       
Words you live by:My grandfather would always sing to me “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” This song has been inspiring to live by and has instilled hope in my spirit.
Why people should attend the WLN 2013 Leadership Conference?:The women of the USC Upstate campus and other women in our community should attend this conference to inspire one another to become better leaders and educate others on ways to enhance their leadership. This event will be a great way to network and meet other influential leaders both on campus and within the community. Overral, it will be a great event that you wouldn't want to miss out on.
Name: Jasmine Clyburn
Title:Vice President
Hometown:Lancaster, SC
Major:Middle Level Education, with a concentration in math and social studies
Career Goals:Pursue masters degree in education administration. Open a restaurant one day.
How has WLN impacted your life?:WLN has made obvious the importance of women leaders on campus and in my community.
Words you live by:Be smart, be sweet, be careful. 
Why people should attend the WLN 2013 Leadership Conference?:The conference is a great way to gain insight on different areas of leadership involving females.
Name:Andrea Bonner
Title:Networking Coordinator
Hometown:Jacksonville, Fla.
Major:Sociology/Non-Profit Administration
Career Goals:Pursue masters degree in education. Work for a non-profit organization that focuses on at-risk youth.
How has WLN impacted your life?:WLN has encouraged me to be more assertive in my leadership roles on campus. It has also helped me to focus and create my career plans.  
Words you live by:"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche
Why people should attend the WLN 2013 Leadership Conference?:The WLN Conference will encourage women to be confident and will help them realize their leadership qualities and gifts.
Name: Tara Bing
Title:Networking Coordinator
Hometown:Beaufort, SC
Career Goals:Pursue a law degree
How has WLN impacted your life?:Because of WLN, I was able to enhance skills that are needed to be an effective leader, such as public speaking and networking.  
Words you live by:Believe in yourself
Why people should attend the WLN 2013 Leadership Conference?:Everyone should support our mission to educate and empower women on and off campus.

Sarah Butler, Advisor
Sarah Butler is a Counselor/Instructor for Opportunity Network, a TRIO Student Support Services program, at the University of South Carolina Upstate. For nearly a decade, she has worked in higher education empowering students to find the courage within to pursue new ways of thinking and to accomplish the goals they set for themselves. Butler graduated from Marshall University in West Virginia with her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Master of Science in Adult Education. In her ministerial roles as a wife, mother, student organization advisor and graduate of the Spartanburg County Foundation Grassroots Leadership Development Institute, she ascribes to the Jamaican proverb, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”

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Saturday, March 2
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Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Denise R. Shaw
Academic Coordinator and Associate Professor, USC Union
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