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Our Mission

Our Mission, vision, Values, and Strategic Priorities

Approved by USC Board of Trustees, June 25, 2021.

  • The University of South Carolina Upstate is a leading regional public university that transforms the lives of our diverse students, their families, and communities – advancing social and economic mobility throughout the Upstate region. Consistent with the international character of the Upstate, the University promotes global perspectives and serves as a driver of economic growth. Our innovative courses and programs are offered in a variety of formats and locations to meet undergraduate and graduate student needs. The University attracts exceptional, diverse faculty, staff, and students who engage in high-impact experiential learning, cutting-edge research, and deeply-connected community engagement. A University of South Carolina Upstate education empowers students to become lifelong leaders in their professions and communities.

  • Education for all that inspires a thriving and just society.

  • The University’s core values not only serve as the philosophical underpinnings of the institution’s mission, but they serve to govern attitudes, behaviors, and decisions in daily activities among stakeholders. As such, the University of South Carolina Upstate affirms the following values:

    • People First. USC Upstate cultivates an inclusive community that advances equity, wellness, and civility.
    • Integrity. USC Upstate prioritizes honesty and ethical conduct as fundamental to our core mission of student success. 
    • Access. USC Upstate removes barriers to opportunity and success. 
    • Stewardship. USC Upstate is committed to affordability and intentional stewardship of resources – human and financial.
    • Continuous Improvement. USC Upstate strives for excellence in all operations.
    • Community Connection. USC Upstate prioritizes community collaboration and engagement.

    • By Providing Rigorous, Career Relevant, and Accessible Education
    • By Enhancing the Quality of Life in Upstate South Carolina
    • By Being the University of Choice for Faculty and Staff, Students, and the Community