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Our Mission

Our Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals

Approved by the S.C. Commission on Higher Education, May 30, 2006. Approved by USC Board of Trustees, June 29, 2006.

  • University of South Carolina Upstate aims to become one of the Southeast’s leading "metropolitan" universities … a university that acknowledges as its fundamental reason for being its relationship to expanding populations along the I-85 corridor.  It aims to be recognized nationally among its peer institutions for its excellence in education and commitment to its students, for its involvement in the Upstate, and for the clarity and integrity of its mission.

    As a senior public institution of the University of South Carolina with a comprehensive residential campus in Spartanburg and commuting and degree completion operations at the University Center Greenville, the University’s primary responsibilities are to offer baccalaureate education to the citizens of the Upstate of South Carolina and to offer selected master’s degrees in response to regional demand.

    USC Upstate strives to prepare its students to participate as responsible citizens in a diverse, global and knowledge-based society, to pursue excellence in their chosen careers and to continue learning throughout life. Curricula and services are designed for the University’s students, four to seven thousand in headcount, who are diverse in background, age, race, ethnicity, educational experience and academic goals.  Students are drawn in large proportion from the Upstate where many choose to remain for their careers. A broad range of major curricula are provided in arts and sciences and in professional fields of study required by the regional economy, including business, education, and nursing.  Through on-site instruction, distance learning, continuing education and inter-institutional articulation agreements, both traditional students and working professionals are served across the region.

    Consistent with the international character of the Upstate, the University promotes global perspectives across its programs. Supporting the regional employment objectives of most of its students, it provides extensive experiential learning opportunities.

    The university’s mission rests upon a foundation of partnerships with the education, corporate and service organizations of the Upstate. The faculty provides leadership in promoting the Upstate’s economic, social and cultural development. This is achieved through its teaching, professional and public service, basic and applied scholarship and research, and creative endeavors.

  • The University’s core values not only serve as the philosophical underpinnings of the institution’s mission, but they serve to govern attitudes, behaviors, and decisions in daily activities among stakeholders. As such, the University of South Carolina Upstate affirms that…

    PEOPLE come first. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment wherein we respect our differences as we pursue our common academic purposes. Our employees, students, parents and partners are the University’s most valuable assets. We aim to work hard, work smart and always do the right thing.  We cooperate and collaborate with colleagues and constituents, aiming to be responsive, flexible, accessible and friendly in our service. We strive to be goodwill ambassadors for the University, and to advance its reputation and its metropolitan mission.

    STEWARDSHIP of resources is critical to accomplishing the University’s mission. We understand the importance of evaluating and reflecting on our daily activities in order to gain the highest value in return for the University’s and our own professional investments. As employees, we aim to apply principles of honesty and fiscal responsibility in order to conserve student, partner, and University resources as though they were our own.

    INTEGRITY as an academic institution drives our daily activities.  That integrity includes a passion for teaching and learning, and a belief that every employee and student has a right to learn and progress as far as he or she is able.  We seek, therefore, to provide a distinctive learning environment that supports and encourages employee growth and personal and professional development.

    • Student Success
      Design and implement educational experiences that enable (facilitate) students to meet intellectual, social and career/professional objectives.
    • Engagement & Inclusion
      Develop engaged campus communities in Spartanburg and Greenville supported by user-friendliness and enriched by diversity.
    • Excellence in Academia
      Support implementation of outstanding academic programs.
    • Institutional Stature
      Position the University to be recognized as an academic leader in the Upstate and as a critical partner in its economic and social development.
    • Enrollment Management
      Create enrollment capacity to meet the needs of the growing Upstate population.
    • Operational Excellence, Management and Accountability
      Pursue excellence in human resources, organizational effectiveness, financial, technological and workforce management and resource sustainability.