Strategic Plan

USC Upstate Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is used by the institution to align the organization and budget structure with the organizational mission, vision and priorities.

Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017 Online

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Student Success

Student Success is our first Institutional Priority.

We guide our students to become intellectually curious, critical thinkers, and responsible citizens who pursue dreams and engage with their communities. We are committed to recruiting, attracting, and enrolling a diverse body of students who are achievement-oriented and determined to succeed. As we provide full access to quality services and tools that promote success, our students will persist to graduation at increasing rates.

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Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Excellence in Teaching and Learning is our second institutional priority.

Our faculty execute the highest level of instruction, engage actively in scholarship, and use their capacities to benefit their profession and our community. Because student learning and development is the highest priority for the University, faculty members are rewarded for excellence, innovation, and student learning and development. The quality of the educational environment and experience is the primary determinant of student success.

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Community Engagement

Community Engagement is our third institutional priority.

The community looks to us for expertise, collaborations, and educational opportunities that enhance the quality of life for citizens. Therefore, we constantly seek more opportunities that advance both community and student success. We engage in public service that meets the diverse needs of our local communities, and we promote service-learning, translational research, and engaged scholarship.

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Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness is our fourth institutional priority.

We are fiscally and operationally responsible, maximizing resources and supporting the programs central to our purpose and priorities. We are committed to meaningful application of technology, a diverse and effective faculty and staff, financial sustainability, and continuous process improvement through effective alignment of resources and programs.

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