University Scorecard

As part of the framework for operationalizing our UP Together Strategic Plan, we developed a process for articulating our goals through a series of scorecards. The USC Upstate University Scorecard is intended to provide a clear picture of what success looks like year over year for us as an institution, and inform our actions and work on a quarterly basis. The University Scorecard includes a series of success metrics. We’ll measure our progress as we go, reporting out regularly, such that everyone understands the impact of their contributions in the classroom and in the communities we serve.

Each division at the university – from Academic Affairs, to University Advancement, to Athletics – has its own scorecard with a set of specific objectives, all of which support the overarching, institutional goals outlined on the University Scorecard. Unit blueprints, through which individual departments or divisions identify their own supporting roles, carry these goals to every employee of the university.

By tracking metrics, we can make informed assessments of our work, shifting when necessary to meet our intended outcomes. We will use the data we gather from the scorecard process to inform all decision-making.

As a public, regional comprehensive university, we must continue to focus on improving as a source of opportunity for the Upstate of South Carolina. We remain committed to the objectives we defined in the strategic plan: to provide rigorous, career-relevant and accessible education; to enhance the quality of life in Upstate South Carolina; and to be the university of choice for faculty, staff, students and the community. This work will ensure our success.

University Scorecard 

Planning and Evaluation Chart