Director Jack Turner takes a measurement.

Educational Programs for Community Outreach

The Watershed Ecology Center is excited to offer the following Community Programs this year.

Each presentation is available free of charge to your local community group, civic group, HOA, club or organization. To schedule a program, contact Beth Button or at 864-503-5728.

Community Outreach Programs PDF icon are available thanks in part to the following organizations for funding the Community Outreach Programs: Spartanburg County Stormwater Management, Spartanburg Water, the City of Spartanburg, SJWD Water District, Blue Ridge Rural Water Company, Woodruff Roebuck Water District, Greer Public Works and private donors.

Know Your Watershed

We will use our hands-on model to learn all about a watershed, see how it works, what it does for you, how it can become polluted and how you can improve the condition of your local watershed.

Are they really green?

Do you ever wonder if the “green” products you purchase are really making a difference? We will review several products right off the shelf to see if they live up to their claims. 

Storm Drain Marking

Your group will not only be educated about how pollution enters local water sources via storm drains, but will also take part in protecting a precious resource by marking near by storm drains.

Water Quality - Let's Check it Out

We will perform water quality tests from samples of local water; including tap water, well water, water from a creek and from a pond. Discussing the results, we will find what they tell about the water we drink. We will come to your creek or pond and together will conduct a chemical test to determine water quality; then we will go into the water in search of water quality indicator species of aquatic invertebrates.

Animals Need Water, too!

Allow us introduce you to some of the animals that we house at the Watershed Ecology Center. You will discover the special adaptations each one has that allow it to take full advantage of the water in their unique habitats. 

Compost 101

In this program we will discover what composting is, the science involved and how it can work for you. Then we will find the right composting option for you by discussing various composting methods.

Do You Have What it Takes?

When disaster strikes, clean drinking water is often in high demand. Let’s make a plan for crisis readiness and put together an emergency kit of essentials to get you and your family through until help arrives.

Where Does it Go from Here, Part One

Let’s find out how much impact your trash has on the landfill by using our hands-on model to follow trash from your house through the landfill. We will then present ways to reduce our landfill contributions.

Where Does it Go from Here, Part Two

Whether into a septic tank or a sewer system, all the water we use goes somewhere. Using a hands-on model we will see where it goes once it leaves your house and what you can do to keep it “going” well!

How Green is Your Pet?

In this program we will discover the science behind cleaning up, well...behind man’s best friend as well as discover some very simple steps to keep your pet’s footprint on the environment small.

Conservation - you can do it!

Arm yourself with the knowledge and resources to conserve water. We will discuss home conservation methods, including rain barrels, drought resistant landscaping, water gardens and more.

One of a Kind, our Marsupial

Watersheds are homes to many types of animals, but here is North America, we have only one marsupial!  The Virginia Opossum is as amazing as it is unique.  In this program we get to know our watershed's most misunderstood member.