Rain barrels are used by many people.

Rain Barrel Workshops

Partnering with Spartanburg County Storm Water and Coca-Cola

The Watershed Ecology Center has partnered with Spartanburg County Storm Water and Coca-Cola to bring free rain barrel workshops to Spartanburg County. Workshops will be offered on a monthly basis throughout Spartanburg County, as supplies of barrels are available. The 55 gallon Rain Barrels are donated by Coca-Cola. One per Spartanburg County residence, please*.

During the workshop, participants will learn about the benefits of rain barrels, applications for their use and maintenance. Participants will receive their rain barrel kit, donated by Spartanburg County Storm Water, which can be assembled at the workshop or at home at a later time (a drill is the only item required for assembly).  Workshop space is limited, please register to attend these events.

* As the Rain Barrel Installation Kits are provided by Spartanburg County Storm Water Management, the FREE kits are available ONLY to Spartanburg County residents. However, if you live outside the county, you can still attend a workshop and receive your Rain Barrel and Installation Kit at cost for $33. Please bring cash to the workshop or you can pay with a credit card at the event through a QR Code.

Currently all Rain Barrel Workshops have been scheduled for contact-free drive by pick up!  

Register for a Rain Barrel Workshop