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Spartan Stories - Kaleigh Kelly

Kaleigh Kelley

USC Upstate Alumna | Class of 2018

"If you want an extraordinary experience you have to go out of your shell. And if you do, then Upstate will give you the tools and opportunities you need."

A volleyball scholarship brought May 2018 graduate Kaleigh Kelley to USC Upstate. But she more than just excelled on the court. Kaleigh’s strength and determination were rewarded with multiple accolades, including an NCAA Woman of the Year nomination; 2018 Coco-Cola Female Student Athlete of the Year; and the Earl Gorgon Medal Award, an honorary award based on involvement in campus activities, service to the community, and nobility of character. After interning with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Charlotte, N.C., Kaleigh parlayed her degree in Computer Information Systems (with a concentration in Network Security) into a new opportunity. She has taken a position as a technology analyst with Bank of America’s Global Information Security affiliate, where she builds tools and applications that keep the bank safe from insider and outsider threats.

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