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Condensed Online Program
IMS & Business Administration

B.A. in Information Management & Systems with a minor in Business Administration

The condensed, online, self-paced IM&S program is specifically designed for working professionals who already have a two-year associate degree or have completed a significant number of courses elsewhere. In today’s business environment, it is imperative for information technology professionals to be well versed not only in technical areas but also in business and management theory. The role of the IT professional in the workplace has changed dramatically over the last two decades and continues to evolve. The IM&S degree program uniquely prepares professionals to excel in this modern, globalized economy.

Highlights of the Program

  • BA in Information Management & Systems
  • Minor in Business Administration
  • All online (beyond General Education)
  • Condensed/Self-Paced Classes:* Complete courses in 5-15 weeks
  • Customized lectures:* Choose topics that interest you
  • Ideal for the working professional. The program accommodates changing life and work schedules of the nontraditional student.

*Some courses may not be offered in the condensed self-paced format.

Course Schedule 

Year #1
Fall Semester
SIMS 201: Concepts of Info. Mgmt. & Systems3
SIMS 211: Microcomputer Organization3
SIMS 307: Systematic Innovation3
Spring Semester
SCSC 139: Visual BASIC Programming I3
SIMS 303: Organizational Informatics3
SIMS 305: Social Informatics3
Summer Semester
SBAD 351: Consumer Behavior3
Year #2
Fall Semester
SCSC 315: Networking Technology3
SCSC 325: Fund. of Relational Databases3
SIMS 345: Technical Presentation3
Spring Semester
SIMS 421: Data Warehousing and DSS Tech.3
SIMS 415: E-Commerce and the Internet3
SIMS 347: Webpage Construction3
Summer Semester
SBAD 371: Organizational Management3
Year #3
Fall Semester
SIMS 499: Senior Seminar3
SIMS 441: IT Project Management3
SBAD 350: Marketing3
Spring Semester
SIMS 498: Experiential Learning3
SIMS 450: Executive IT Management3
Foreign Language 102 (or elective)3
Summer Semester
SBAD 390: Strategic MIS3
SIMS 422: Knowledge-Based Systems 
SIMS 423: Human/Machine Interaction3
Transfer Courses49
(Gen Ed, Accounting, Economics) 

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Program Chair
Ron Fulbright, Ph.D.

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