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Condensed Online Program
IMS & Health Information Management

B.A. in Information Management & Systems with a concentration in the Health Information Management application area.

The condensed, online, self-paced IM&S program is specifically designed for working professionals who already have a two-year associate degree or have completed a significant number of courses elsewhere. In today’s health industry, it is imperative for information technology professionals to be well versed in electronic processing of health information records. The IM&S degree program uniquely prepares professionals to excel in the modern economy where the health sector is the largest employer.

Highlights of the Program

  • BA in Information Management & Systems
  • Concentration in the Health Information Management application area
  • Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM)
  • All courses online (beyond General Education)
  • Transfer in up to 18 hours of HIM courses from your 2-year program
  • Condensed/Self-Paced Classes:* Complete courses in 5-15 weeks
  • Customized lectures:* Choose topics that interest you
  • Ideal for the working professional. The program accommodates changing life and work schedules of the nontraditional student.

*Some courses may not be offered in the condensed self-paced format.

Course Schedule 

Year #1
Fall Semester
SIMS 201: Concepts of Info. Mgmt. & Systems        or3
SIMS 211: Microcomputer Organization 
SIMS 303: Organizational Informatics3
SHIM 250: Dept. Administration in Healthcare3
Spring Semester
SIMS 307: Systematic Innovation3
SIMS 305: Social Informatics3
SHIM 201: Understanding Healthcare Org.3
Summer Semester
SHIM 301: Healthcare Information Systems3
SHIM 302: Information Trends in Healthcare3
Year #2
Fall Semester
SCSC 315: Networking Technology3
SCSC 325: Fund. of Relational Databases3
SHIM 412: Ethics & Risk Mgmt. in Healthcare3
Spring Semester
SIMS 421: Data Warehousing and DSS Tech.3
SIMS 415: E-Commerce and the Internet3
SIMS 345: Technical Presentation3
Summer Semester
SHIM 413: Network Applications and Healthcare3
Year #3
Fall Semester
SIMS 499: Senior Seminar3
SIMS 441: IT Project Management3
SHIM 450: Healthcare Database Systems3
Spring Semester
SHIM 498: Practicum in Healthcare Setting3
SIMS 450: Executive IT Management3
Transfer Courses 
General Education43
HIM Electives18

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Program Chair
Ron Fulbright, Ph.D.

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