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Languages, Literature & Composition (LLC)

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English Major & Minor
Focuses on British, American and world literature, applied writing, linguistics, literary theory and creative writing
World Languages
Programs in Spanish, Translation, French, German and
International Studies
Film Studies Minor
Analysis, theory and production of films
Creative Writing ButtonPreface ButtonAfrican American Studies Minor Button
Creative Writing Minor
Includes courses in autobiography, creative nonfiction, drama, novels, poetry and stories in a range of genres.
Preface: First-Year Reading Program
Includes readings, cultural events and exhibits designed to bring together the University community and first-year students in discussion of a single text and the issues it raises
African American Studies Minor
Includes courses in African American literature, culture, arts, history, social sciences and critical race theory.

What Is the Value of a Humanities Degree?

  • Working as journalists
  • Teaching as College Professors    
  • Writing Creatively    
  • Studying in Graduate School at Brandeis, American University, the Medical University of South Carolina, Clemson University, the University of Kentucky, Winthrop University and many more    
  • Working as Public Relations professionals    
  • Practicing Law    
  • Blogging    
  • Making Films    
  • Living Life
  • Editing
    • Managing and Recruiting in the Human Resources Industry
    • Working with Teach Charlotte, Teach for America, Americorps and other national and regional service organizations
    • Serving as Officers in the Military
    • Leading Community Organizations
    • Working in Libraries
    • Teaching in K-12 Schools
    • Freelancing



    Languages, Literature, and Composition
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