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/uploadedImages/Academics/Arts_and_Sciences/Language_and_Literature/faculty/OBrien.jpg Colleen O'Brien
Associate Professor of Early American Literature

HPAC 210



PhD in English Language and Literature and Women's Studies, University of Michigan, 2001
Fulbright Scholar, University of Botswana
BA in Honors English, LeMoyne College, 1991

Area of Specialty
Race, Sex, National Identity, American Women's Writing

Recent Publications
"'Blacks in All Quarters of the Globe': Anti-Imperialism, Insurgent Cosmopolitanism, and International Labor in Pauline Hopkins's Literary Journalism." American Quarterly (forthcoming)

"The White Women All Go for Sex: Black Woman Suffrage and the Racist Revolution." African American Review (forthcoming)

"What the Dickens?: Representations of Slavery and Intertextual Influence in Julia Collins's The Curse of Caste; or, The Slave Bride."  African American Review 40.4 (2007): 661-85.

"Abolition," "Ida B. Wells," and "Anti-Imperialism." The Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice. New York: Sage, 2007.

"Cosmopolitanism in Georgia Douglas Johnson's Anti-Lynching Literature." African American Review 38.4 (2004): 571-87. (Winner of the Darwin Turner Prize)

"Race-ing Toward Civilization: Nativism and Sexual Slavery in the Novels of Pauline Hopkins and Alice Wellington Rollins." Legacy 20.1&2 (2003): 118-33.

"Looking for the Other Side: Pairing Nella Larsen's Quicksand and Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby in American Literature Classes." co-written with Rita Teague. Making American Literature in High School and College, ed. Ann Gere and Peter Shaheen. Urbana: NCTE Press, 2001. 137-47.

"The Search for Mother Africa: Poetry Revises Women's Struggle for Freedom." African Studies Review 37.2 (1994): 147-55.

Director of African American Studies                                                    Dr. Cassandra Jones                  

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