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Brigitte U. Neary
Professor of Sociology

Media 310
(864) 503-5834
E-mail: bneary@uscupstate.edu


Ph.D. Duke University, 1993
M.A. The College of William and Mary, 1986
B.S. Virginia Commonwealth University, 1982

Areas of Specialty  

Social Change/Globalization
Women and Armed Conflict
Displaced Persons 

Honors, Awards and Grants  

Alpha Sigma Lambda, 2005 (invited; again nominated, 2006)
Alpha Kappa Delta, 1984 (invited)
Phi Kappa Phi, 1982 (invited)
Academic Support Fund for 2012 from the USC Upstate Office of Student Affairs to host an out-of-town speaker on campus, 2011
USC Upstate Center for International Studies International Travel Award, 2011, 2003, 1998
USC Upstate Annual Award for Scholarly and/or Creative Pursuits, 2010
Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (2005/06, 2004, 2002)
Bank of America Excellence in Teaching and Advising Award,
     2005 (nominated)
Certificate for Recognition of Scholarship, USC Upstate, 2003
USC Upstate Center for International Studies, International Travel 
    Grant, 2003, 1998
USC Upstate Bridge Builder Award, Office of Diversity Programs, 
USC Columbia Research and Productive Scholarship Grant, 1998
USC Upstate Boyer Award, 1998
Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Germany, Dissertation Research 
    Fellowship, 1991
Duke University Graduate School Dissertation Travel Grant for
     fieldwork abroad, 1991
Duke University Center for International Studies, Graduate Award
     for Pre-Dissertation Research in Germany, 1989
Duke University, Scholarship/Fellowship 1987-1991 

Select Scholarship  


Frauen und Vertreibung: Zeitzeuginnen Berichten. Graz, Austria: Ares Verlag, 2008. 
Voices of Loss: German Women RecountTheir Expulsion From East-Central Europe, 1944-1950. Rockport, Maine: Picton Press. 2002 (with Holle Schneider-Ricks).


Neary, Brigitte U. 2012. "Cultivating the Sociological Imagination and Standpoint Epistemology Using Feature Films". The Southern Sociologist, 44(2), 26-29.

Neary, Brigitte U. 2011. “Black Women Coping with HOPE VI – In Spartanburg, South Carolina.”   Journal for African American Studies, 15(4), 524-540.
Neary, Brigitte U. 2010. "Verweigert: Menschrechte und Lob.“ INDIAE Rundbrief. (86)  Stuttgart, Germany.
“Ethnic Conflict.” International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Vol. 3. 2nd ed. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008. 
“Iranian Revolution.” International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences.  Vol. 4. 2nd ed. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008.
“Taylorism.” International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Vol. 8. 2nd ed. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008.
“The Quest for Systemic Justice: Recognizing the German Stigma of Collective Guilt and the Gendered Experience of Flight and Expulsion.” India: Ahisma Nonviolence. 2:2., 2006.

Book Reviews:

Mirsepassi, Ali. Democracy in Modern Iran: Islam, Culture, and Political Change. In Critical Sociology. 2011, 37(6). 
Wagnerová, Alena.  In 1945 They Were Children:  Flight and Expulsion in the Life ofa Generation.  Julie Winter (trans. & ed). http://www.pictonpress.com/store/show/3359 .  2009.   
"Gruppendynamik und Sozialpsychologie.” Germany: Psychologie und Geschichte. 3:4. 1989 (with Kurt Back).

Book Chapters:

“Local Labor and Global Capital: Embedding the Autobahn in the Structure and Culture of South Carolina.” Global Players in lokalen Bindungen. Eckhardt, Andrea; Holm-Detlev Koehler and Ludger Pries, eds. Berlin, Germany: edition sigma, 1999.

Dissertation and Thesis:

Management in the U.S. and (West) German Machine Tool Industry: Historically Rooted and Socioculturally Contingent. Duke University, 1993.
Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and Ayatollah Khomeini:  In Light of Shi'i   History. The College of William and Mary, 1986.


What Defines Me: Black, Woman, Public Housing Resident?” Prepared for the Spartanburg Housing Authority, May 2007. (Based on fall 2006 sabbatical fieldwork in Spartanburg, SC).  

Article Manuscripts:

Neary, Brigitte U. “Cultivating the Sociological Imagination and Standpoint Epistemology Using Feature Films.”                                                                         
Neary, Brigitte U. “Demands Public Recognition:  Atrocities Committed Against German Women During the Soviet Conquest of Central Europe.”       
Neary, Brigitte U. “The Privilege of Not Being German: Unpacking the Social Construct.”        
Brigitte U. Neary. “`You Can Never Ever Forget.’” In collaboration with a psychiatrist at Greifswald University, Germany

Select Professional Service    

Invited Reviewer/Advisory Council Member, for a new Introductory Sociology Text, Pine  Forge Press, 2010- 2011.  
Journal Reviewer: Sociological Quarterly, 2005-2007; Gender and Society, 1994-2003
Reviewer: McGraw-Hill, Sociological Theory and Introduction to Sociology Readers, 2005 
Reviewer: USC Columbia Research and Productive Scholarship Proposals, 2004
Team Leader, USC Upstate Transatlantic Partners Team (Partnership with Koblenz-Landau University, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany), 2011-present    
Committee on Sociological Practice, Southern Sociological Society (appointed, 3-year term), 2009-present
merican Sociological Association, Peace, War and Social Conflict Section, Officer, 2003-2006
Southern Sociological Society, Program Committee, 2002-2003
IGAR-Institute for German-American Relations, Pittsburgh, PA,Board Member 2008-present
Die Deutsche Schule Spartanburg (DDSS) Vice President 2002-2004; Founding Board Member 1996-2000
Affiliate Faculty USC Upstate Women’s and Gender Studies Program.  

Department Chair
Samantha Hauptman
Media 306 
(864) 503-5388

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