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Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Women's Studies Faculty and Staff

Department Chair   
Dr. Samantha Hauptman    

Sociology Faculty
Dr. Clifton P. Flynn
Dr. Brigitte U. Neary
Dr. Lizabeth A. Zack
Dr. Calvin Odhiambo
Dr. Laura Jennings 

Criminal Justice Faculty
Dr. Diane M. Daane
Dr. Judith A. Harris
Dr. Reid C. Toth
Dr. Robert A. Sarver, III
Dr. Mary B. Sarver
Dr. Samantha Hauptman    
Dr. Michele W. Covington

Women's and Gender Studies Faculty
Dr. Merri Lisa Johnson   

Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Bob Daly, Criminal Justice
Rodney B. Scherich, Sociology
Brent Metcalf, Criminal Justice
Carol Broadus, Anthropology
Kristin Ramey, Criminal Justice
Klay Peterson, Criminal Justice
Wesley Smith, Criminal Justice
Michael Van Aelstyn, Criminal Justice
Stephen Denton, Criminal Justice 
Anthony Leibert, Criminal Justice
Jerry Duncan, Criminal Justice
Shane Canup, Geography

Administrative Assistant
Carolyn Gossett

Palmetto College Program Coordinator & Academic Advisor

Department Chair
Samantha Hauptman
Media 306 
(864) 503-5388

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