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These awards are given each spring in conjunction with the Student and Diversity Affairs Award ceremony.  They are selected by the Director of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies, based on nominations from the Advisory Board and Affiliate Faculty.  

2009-2010 Awards  

Brittany BrownWGS Independent Spirit Award for Outreach in Women's and Gender Studies  

  • Brittany Brown, for her community outreach to local Girl Scout Troops.

Lucy Stone Award for Outstanding Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies  

  • Adrienne "AJ" Jones, for her scholarly projects on queer feminist theory and the politics of diversity on college campuses.

Michael Kimmel Award for Outstanding Male WGS Minor
This award was developed because two students, Adrienne and Jason, tied for Outstanding Minor in 2009-2010. Congratulations to both Adrienne and Jason on their accomplishments.

  • Jason Funderburk, for his scholarly projects on gender, sexuality, and disability studies.
Adrienne-Jones-LucyStone Jason-Funderburk-KimmelAward


2008-2009 Awards  

Rosie the Riveter Award Recipients  

image4 image2
Sarah Wilson image3 

  • Cara Tuttle (top left), serving as interim faculty advisor to Upstate Upstarts in Spring 2009
  • Adrienne Jones (top right), serving as Center Supervisor
  • Sarah Wilson (bottom left), serving as Assistant Coordinator of the Bodies of Knowledge Symposium
  • Kyia Chandler (bottom right), serving as CWGS Liaison to the SiHLE Outreach Program.  

Sister Spit Theory Slam Awards  

image0The Awards for Scholarly Achievement have been renamed as the Sister Spit Theory Slam Awards (after a popular Slam Poetry troupe based in San Francisco).  These award recipients presented papers at the Upstate Feminist Theory Slam panels and at national conferences in Women’s and Gender Studies. 

The recipients are Andrea Miller (pictured above with Dr. Lisa Johnson at the Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Science Studies Conference in Columbia, SC on March 21, 2009 where she presented a paper on feminist narratology and its applications to Toni Morrison’s novel Sula and the contemporary HBO television series True Blood) and Lindsay Harris (below right).  Andrea also won the inaugural Emma Goldman Award for Outstanding Major in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies, 2008-2009.image23 

Lindsay Harris, who also presented a paper at the Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics, and Science Studies Conference, on bisexual epistemology as a critical framework for interrogating the narrative structure of Jennifer Baumgardner’s cultural studies memoir Look Both Ways.  Lindsay is also the recipient of the newly titled Lucy Stone Award for Outstanding Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies 2008-2009). 


CWGS Independent Spirit Awards  

The last category of awards is the renamed Campus Consciousness-Raising Awards – now called the CWGS Independent Spirit Awards

iamge33Recipients include Joey Geier, President of Pride Upstate, for coordinating the 3rd Annual National Coming Out Day Festival at USC Upstate and for serving on the Safe Zone Allies Program Steering Committee and as a trainer in the program. 

The next three recipients are recognized for their participation in the SiHLE Outreach Program for African American Teen Girls in Spartanburg, SC.

image25 imaage41 iamge343 

  • Kindra Graham
  • Melanie McBeth
  • Jasmine Rice

Emma Goldman Award for Outstanding Interdisciplinary Major with an Emphasis in Women’s and Gender Studies  

The inaugural Emma Goldman Award was developed this year to reward high achievement in IDS/WGS.  The award is named after a famous Marxist feminist activist who developed a philosophy of feminist anarchism, a political philosophy that foregrounds individual and collective will over the will of the government.  Emma Goldman (1869-1940) is known for her vitality and charisma, and was admired by her allies for being a radical free-thinker.  

These characteristics reflect the independent spirit that leads some of our USC Upstate students to create a major of their own – in the absence of a Women’s and Gender Studies major – by majoring in IDS with a WGS concentration.  This choice is quickly gaining in popularity among the WGS minors.  

Emma GoldmanThe award name is also inspired by the inaugural winner, Andrea Miller (pictured above, with Dr. Lisa Johnson, in the Sister Spit Theory Slam Awards section), whose first words to Dr. Johnson after class, as a new transfer student from Gardner-Webb, were, “I’m very interested in Marxist feminism.  Can you recommend any good books for me to read on the subject?”  This is an unusual conversation at Upstate!  Drea has been reading, reflecting on, and formulating original ideas in the field of Marxist feminist cultural studies ever since.

“If I can't dance - I don't want to be part of your revolution.” 
- Emma Goldman


Lucy Stone Award for Outstanding Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies  

Lucy StoneThe Lucy Stone Award for Outstanding Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies is newly named this year as well.  The award is named after a prominent abolitionist and female suffragist in the United States.  Lucy Stone (1818-1893) was the first woman from Massachusetts to earn a college degree, and she helped organize the first National Women’s Rights Convention.  Called “the orator,” and “the morning star of the woman’s rights movement,” Stone published her radical views in the Woman’s Journal and delivered a speech that sparked Susan B. Anthony to take up the cause of women’s suffrage.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote that “Lucy Stone was the first person by whom the heart of the American public was deeply stirred on the woman question."  Stone was also the first American woman to revert to her maiden name after marriage.

The award is named after Lucy Stone in honor, in part, of the first recipient of the award, Lindsay Harris (pictured above, in the Sister Spit Theory Slam Awards section).  Lindsay first came on to the CWGS scene in fall 2006, when she attended Dr. Johnson's talk on “Women in Love,” wherein Johnson remarked that many young women today still come to college in search of their “MRS” degree.  Lindsay was the only undergraduate to pose a question after the talk, in a room packed with faculty members and administrators, and she stated defiantly that she was in fact here for her MRS degree, and wanted to know what, exactly, was wrong with that.  Over time, Lindsay began to take Women’s Studies courses, and her priorities and interests shifted.  The following fall she enrolled in Johnson's Feminist Theory course, and her intellectual curiosity about gender, power, and sexual politics caught fire.  Her current work on bisexual epistemologies reflects the rich academic journey she has taken in WGS at Upstate.  She takes home the first Lucy Stone award as recognition of her accomplishments, and as a reminder that while feminist scholars can certainly maintain marriage as a life goal, the MRS degree is simply not enough to satisfy her thirst for knowledge and human development.


2007-2008 Awards  

Our Sheroes

StaceyTakesQuestionsThese awards are given each spring in conjunction with the Student and Diversity Affairs Award ceremony.  They are selected by the Director of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies, based on nominations from the Affiliate Faculty.  


Unsung Feminist Hero Awards
Women working behind the scenes to make Women's and Gender Studies a success.

2007-2008 Winners
Karen Thomas
, Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs
Nancy Callicott, Administrative Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences
Laura Brochin, Catering Director, Dining Services
Kyia Chandler, Student Assistant, Center for Women's and Gender Studies

Award for Scholarly Achievement in Women's and Gender Studies
These students presented their works at regional conferences in Spring 2008.

2007-2008 Winners
Erica Horne
Stacey Haney
Andrea Miller
Lindsay Harris

Women's and Gender Studies Community Partner Award  

2007-2008 Winner
Teretha Fowler
Teretha is a key member of the SiHLE team, as the certified trainer in the SiHLE curriculum.  She goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve the interests of African American women and girls in a partnership between USC Upstate and Spartanburg High School.

Outstanding Minor in Women's and Gender Studies  

2007-2008 Winner
Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller's nominating professor wrote of her achievements: "She blew me away on every assignment and in class discussions in Women and the Law.  She is continuing to do so in Gender and Election 2008.  Beyond my expectations for undergraduate work, she sets herself far apart and ahead of her classmates."

Best Feminist Theory Presentation  

2007-2008 Winner
Andrea Miller


2006-2007 Awards  

Best Feminist Theory Presentation
This award recognizes a faculty member, staff person, or student for making a special effort to illuminate a particular area of feminist theory in a presentation open to the university and surrounding community.  

2006-2007 Winner
Dr. Peter Caster
, Assistant Professor of Film and Literature, for his lecture and multi-media presentation on "Women in Horror Films". This presentation stood out for the vast research represented by the content of the presentation, the high intellectual quality of the material, as well as for the student-friendly topic.  Dr. Caster's forthcoming book on prisons, race, and masculinity, and his efforts at curriculum building at the intersection of film theory and gender studies further underscore his value to this program.

Women's Empowerment Award
This award recognizes a faculty member, staff person, or student who demonstrates consistent effort at developing programs, events, and workshops designed to cultivate leadership and community-building skills among the women of the Upstate.  

2006-2007 Winner
April Moore, Assistant Director of Student Life and specialist in Multicultural Affairs, for her work in organizing the 2nd annual Women's Empowerment Symposium, and for her ongoing efforts to make Women's Studies a central area of Diversity Affairs. April Moore serves as Advisor to the Ladies of Service, a student organization devoted to leadership and community among the women of color at Upstate. She is ending the year by organizing a luncheon to celebrate the hardworking women on this campus, and in this event and others, she shows herself to be a consistent supporter of women and takes the empowerment of women as one of her most important tasks.

Campus Consciousness-Raising Awards  

These awards recognize students who dedicate themselves to the work of raising awareness about feminism on campus and in the community.  

2006-2007 Winners  

Erica Horne, for her project, The Personal Is Political at Upstate! (link to page with pictures, artist's statement, and information about the project - this material will be forthcoming soon).  Erica is president elect of Upstate Feminists and is already planning a feminist film series for fall semester called "Fall for the New 'F' Word."  

Stacey Haney, for her work in conceptualizing and organizing the Monday Night Feminism series this spring, and for facilitating discussion on "Women and Self-Cutting" (an event that was featured in the Spartanburg Herald Journal), as well as a number of other subjects, including South African feminism and the 2008 presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  Stacey served as president of Upstate Feminists this academic year.  

Jayna Zampell, for her work in co-sponsoring the first annual National Coming Out Day festival on campus.  Despite some concerns about possible protests from students and community members, the festival was an enormous success, with 400 students, faculty, and staff members wearing their "Gay? Fine by me" t-shirts, a consciousness-raising campaign originating at Duke University that Jayna discovered, and for which she successfully applied for special funding from Student and Diversity Affairs. Jayna served as president of PRIDE Upstate this academic year.  

Melissa Williams, for her work in organizing an event called "He Said He Loved Me" on early signs of emotional abuse in romantic relationships. This topic ranks among the very most important issues facing our female Upstate students. The event attracted approximately 40 students and featured clips from a documentary and a speaker from SAFE Homes on her personal background with an abusive partner.  Melissa served as president of the Collegiate Women of the Upstate this academic year, and she is putting plans in place for a mentoring program to carry on after she graduates this spring and heads to graduate school.     


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