USC Upstate Graduate Raheem Hughes

Global Distinction

In recognition of the unique personal, educational and career opportunities that international and diversity experiences can contribute to a student’s development, the Center for International Studies at USC Upstate wishes to distinguish students who successfully participate in a variety of internationally-focused activities during their academic career. Such international recognition will identify the student as having achieved Global Distinction by their senior year and awards will be presented at a special annual banquet in honor of the achievement. Awards will include a special cord for graduation, a certificate of Global Distinction and a resume support letter from the Center for International Studies. 

    • African Studies
    • Asian Studies
    • European Studies
    • Hispanic Studies
    • International (Generalist) Studies

    Area concentrations are determined by major, minor, cognate or area of study.

    1. Study abroad or International internship with a minimum of one semester or two Maymester/summer sessions.
    2. Volunteerism/engagement/leadership role in a local community project(s), preferably, with an international focus (10 hours minimum in a given semester).
    3. Study Abroad Association (SAA) member:
      1. Attend/serve in at least two Study Abroad Fairs.
      2. Attend/serve in at least one Premier Fair.
      3. Participate in an Upstate International Event.
      4. Participate in the Spartanburg International Festival.
      5. Mentor a pre-departure study abroad student.
      6. Participate in the Spartans Abroad Photo Contest post-departure.
    4. Major, minor, cognate or area of study (i.e., 12 credit hours minimum abroad) in an area of international focus.
    5. Attend career development workshops undertaken with Career Services.
  • To register for the Global Distinction, fill out the application, print the form, and schedule a meeting with the CIS office by emailing to drop off and discuss your application.