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USC Upstate’s study abroad programs

The University of South Carolina Upstate offers some unique international engagement and study programs that set us apart. For example, our emphasis is on establishing exchange programs with partner universities across the world. This approach creates financially accessible and immersive opportunities for students to go abroad for one or more semesters.

USC Upstate students who complete an international engagement program receive a Certificate of Recognition and earn the privilege to wear a specially designed sash at their graduation ceremony.

Following is a brief description of the various types of USC Upstate’s study abroad programs. 

Exchange Semester Abroad Programs

Students from USC Upstate and students from partner universities abroad trade places. Students pay their tuition at their home university; the cost of living is paid abroad. Such programs provide low cost enrollment for in-state students, full immersion experiences, and a wide range of course options that my lead to an additional certification or a minor. Credit hours earned applied to degree completion at USC Upstate. Through the semester exchange program abroad, students also maximize their access to financial aid, travel grants and scholarships programs.

Dual Degree Exchange Programs

Students from USC Upstate and students from a partner university abroad trade places, typically for one year abroad. Some dual degree programs also include an internship experience abroad. Students earn a degree from USC Upstate and the partner university abroad. Students pay their tuition at their home university, the cost of living is paid abroad. Advantages of this program include low cost (especially for in-state students), immersion experience into the host environment.programs.

Direct Enrollment Abroad

Students study as a visiting student at an international university or through a third-party provider, with access to a wide array of courses, similar to an exchange student. Direct Enroll students pay tuition directly to the host university or the third-party provider; they do NOT pay tuition to USC Upstate while abroad.

Short-Term Faculty-Led Group Programs

USC Upstate offers a growing number of faculty-led short-term programs for groups of students. Programs are carefully planned by our faculty in consultation with, and the support of, our partners abroad. Program duration varies from 10 days to 4 week long international engagement that may include some pre-and-post travel work. Such programs may be interdisciplinary, discipline specific, or include service learning, offer academic credits, or of these combinations. Participants engage in cross-cultural and immersive activities. Program cost is fixed and typically includes travel costs, faculty and international office support, most meals, tuition, housing, insurance. Such programs are tailored for American students abroad with increased student support services. 

Visit our Faculty-led Programs page to explore these exciting opportunities!