Getting Started

Begin Your Process Here!

1) Research the destination and type of program you want to take part in.
No matter your global goals, there is a program which will help you reach them! There are three pathways for study abroad:

Faculty-Led Programs: These short-term programs typically take place during spring break or part of the summer with a USC Upstate faculty member.

Semester or Year Abroad through ISEP: ISEP exchange programs allow students to pay tuition, housing, and food at on-campus rates while choosing from over 55 countries and 280 programs.

Dual-Degree with UAS Landshut: Earn a second degree from the University of Applied Sciences Landshut by spending a full year abroad in the historic city of Landshut, Germany. For Business and Informatic students only.
2) Meet with a study abroad advisor.
Individual advising appointments are a great way to discuss plans for studying abroad!  Please email to schedule an advising appointment. In-person and virtual meetings are available. The Center for International Studies is located in the Burroughs Building on the main campus. Please refer to the campus map for assistance locating the Burroughs Building.

3) Consider funding opportunities.
Speak with an advisor with the Office of Financial Aid to determine how your aid may be used towards a study abroad opportunity. Most financial aid options are eligible! Also, apply for additional funding with study abroad specific scholarships and grants.
4) Apply to study abroad.
After identifying the program you wish to apply for, email to request access to the study abroad application. Instructions on how to complete your specific type of application will be provided with the required documents.
5) Prepare for go abroad! 
In preparation for traveling abroad, there are several important details to attend to. The mandatory Pre-departure Orientation meeting(s) are a great way to learn not only from presenters, but also from questions and recommendations from other students who will be traveling abroad. Please visit our Prepare to Go Abroad page to learn more about how to prepare and what to expect during your travels.